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Stuff teachers say to students

  1. Student: “May I go to the bathroom?”

Teacher: “ Now? You should have gone during break time.”

Well, I don’t know about you teachers but we students don’t plan out our urinating schedules. I would have gone during break time if I knew I had to.

  1. Teacher: “Come on, guys! Didn’t you learn this in sixth grade?”

Sorry, but I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to recall off the top of my head the first step of mitosis.

  1. Teacher: If you study, you’ll do fine for the test.

How reassuring. And how is it that every time you say so, I end up having to retake that test you say we’ll do fine on?

  1. Teacher: “Don’t pack up your things yet. We still have twenty three seconds of class left!”

I’m deeply inspired by the fact that you’re devoted enough to get us listening to what you have to say for the last thirty seconds of class! I’m sure that these twenty three seconds will truly be life changing.

  1. Student: “Can you explain this concept for me? I don’t think I get it.”

Teacher: “What do you think?”

I think it’s time that answering questions with a question comes to an end because frankly, I’m not thinking about much when I don’t understand something. I need answers!

Disclaimer: All comments are in good fun. Please don’t hate. Appreciate the humor.