US Politics absent at Super Bowl Performance


Lady Gaga’s performance at the 2017 Super Bowl LI on Sunday, Feb. 5, featured a strong political aspect. In her pre-halftime press conference in Houston Lady Gaga was asked if she would use the stage to try and unify America a few weeks after Donald Trump’s inauguration. Gaga promised her fans that her showcase would be inclusive and celebrate equality. However, on the actual day, the results were different.

Many of her fans were excited to see her vows of incorporating equality and inclusivity, as there were rumors that the performance would be highly politicized. People thought the show would tackle Trump’s threats to LGBT rights and racial policies. But they were disappointed as they met a protest of subtlety in not addressing any of those issues, and instead singing her most popular hit songs.
“I was honestly disappointed in Lady Gaga’s display of her empty promise in this year’s Super Bowl, especially because she told the whole world that she would celebrate equality, and try to unify America,” said Taeyoung Yun (10). “Although she did sing “This Land is Your Land,” it was very subtle and short. I think she could have used the stage more effectively but in the end, it’s really up to her to decide.”

As a musician, Lady Gaga has represented rebellion, according to the Independent. Even her iconic meat dress she wore to the MTV music awards undermines the appropriate expectations of fashion in pop music. In addition, since she is considered one of the most powerful female singers in the music industry, her voice that was said to be lackluster was incomparable to that of her previous shows.

“Many people were disappointed that she didn’t use the platform to make a comment on the political climate,” said Yoobin Lee (10). “But, I think that as a person who’s main job is to entertain and who doesn’t have a direct role in the government, she shouldn’t use her platform to instill her own beliefs onto other people just because she is famous, and she should be free to do as she chooses. I for one, I enjoyed the performance, and because of the performance, I am not disappointed.”
Past Super Bowl performers have set the bar for merging politics and music. The increasing numbers of eyes across the world means it has become a political platform too. However, Lady gaga didn’t meet her promises in this year’s super bowl. This could have been the the perfect chance as Trump’s gender and ethnic policies stand for everything Lady Gaga does not support.