Soccer season: shooting starts


Throughout the school year, a range of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors go through a tough and competitive tryout for a limited number of positions in the varsity team. Following the rigorous tryout process, the players practice everyday except on Mondays, preparing for future games and competitions. Due to the limited amount of time the players have to practice, every practice is considered to be crucial in preparing for upcoming games.

“This year’s AISA tournament was a memorable experience for me because I went against some amazing teams” said Yoon Jae Seo (9), boys varsity soccer player. “Some of the schools were from Jeju and Japan. Due to the fact that they played so well in previous games, I did not think that our team would place first. However, I am really proud of the soccer team for not giving up. As one of the two freshmen in the team, I am really looking forward to next year’s season.”

There are a total of 22 boys in the SIS varsity soccer team. The team has been doing very well this season as the team is currently in place and has placed first in the annual AISA tournament on April 13. Throughout the entire season, the boys have lost one game from Chadwick. As for the KAIAC tournament, the boys placed 2nd, losing the last game to Chadwick in penalties with a score of 1-1 (3-4).

“The soccer team is very strong and is doing very well,” said Ivan Atanaskovic, Athletics and Activities Coordinator. “I am very proud of our school for placing first in the AISA tournament for the boys soccer team. The girls team and I are both disappointed for not placing in the AISA tournament. Regardless of the results, I think both teams will have to go through a long process of learning in order to further improve as a team as graduating seniors leave and new players enter the teams.”

The girl’s soccer team has placed fifth in this year’s AISA tournament. Although they didn’t do well in terms of ranking, the teamwork in the four games they played was tremendous. There was a significant increase in the passes between the players as well as several chances to score. During the KAIAC tournament, the girls placed 3rd place, significantly improving from previous tournaments.

The AISA tournament allowed our team to grow closer as all of us played our best against strong schools” said Julie Jang (10), a girls varsity soccer player. “We were able to try out new tactics and build trust in one another. Even though the results were not the best, it was a great experience for everyone.”

According to Karen Joo (11), a girls varsity soccer player, the athletes for the soccer team have been improving their skills to receive their desired results. The last few practices and games will not only be the end of the spring season, but also a good experience to spend time with the departing seniors.