To the non-connoisseurs of school supplies


As the end of the school year creeps closer, both dread and excitement crawl up the spine while we contemplate how the following year may be. The anticipation for following year is, mostly, puzzling: often times it results in mixed feelings, leaving us clueless to whether we feel alarmed or enthusiastic. Still, one of the few parts that make school enjoyable may be the brand new school supply. From folders to files and pencils to pens, colorful school supplies never fail to draw the students’ attentions each fall.

With different brands from different countries, school supplies range in wide varieties, possibly leading to some confusion in choosing and buying supplies. As such, for those who are non-aficionados of school supplies, here is a list of one of the most common and popular supplies.

  1. Uni-Ball Signo DX Um-151

Although it is one of the most expensive pens at the store, ranging at around two thousand won, this power pen is worth it. With a sharp tip that ranges from 0.28 mm to 0.5 mm, the series by Mitsubishi produces a variety of colors for those who love colors in their notes while having the primary colors such as the usual black, blue, and red as well. With smooth ink, the Signo DX series is perfect gel pen for those who love a sharp, smooth tip.

Yet despite its variety in colors and tips, this may not be the best for those who drop their pens frequently. As much as it is sharp, the tips of the Signo series are very weak, often leading to easy damages with small, accidental mishaps.

  1. Mildliner

With varying colors of pastel tones, Mildliner is one of the most sought out highlighters. With a double tip, the Mildliner not only allows you to use it as a highlighter but also as a marker. With long lasting ink, this highlighter is highly recommended for those who prefer highlights that are light and dull rather than bright and flashy.

  1. Pentel Graph1000

Although it is on the pricy side with the price ranging around 12000 won, the Pentel Graph 1000 is one of the most adored mechanical pencil by many aficionados. The Pentel Graph 1000 is well known for its sleek exterior and its balanced weight, bringing the optimal writing condition.

Disregarding its ideal features, however, the grip of the pencil has a sharp edge, which makes it difficult for those who have shorter grips. Furthermore, as the metallic frame is coated over time, the coating wears out and eventually reveals the original metal body.

With different advantages and disadvantages for each stationary, it is a jovial yet difficult decision to make each year. Despite the difficulty, new stationary brings a sense of clean new start for the following year.