A boss in his crib: a movie review of “The Boss Baby”

A boss in his crib: a movie review of “The Boss Baby”

Based off of a comical children’s book, the movie “The Boss Baby” made a strong debut in the theaters on May 3, not only reaching second place in the Box Office but also attracting 237,000 people in just three days after its release. With this favorable start, it was no doubt that this movie directed by Tom Mcgrath would once again mark another huge hit following one of his other eminent films in 2012, “Madagascar”.

Opening with a light-hearted mood, the movie first introduces a seven-year-old boy named Tim who has a seemingly “perfect” life, all set with a loving family, an adventurous life, and most importantly, all the attention he needs from his parents. However, his “perfect” life turns upside down when the most unusual baby arrives in a taxi along with his parents, wearing a suitcase and holding a briefcase. Tim despises this sudden addition to the family, as the baby not only takes over all of the attention from his parents, but also looks incredibly suspicious. Eventually, Tim discovers that the baby is actually a spy on a mission to bring back all the love babies used to get from humans, and realizes that the only way to succeed in this mission is to get rid of his instant sibling rivalry with Boss Baby.

“The movie ‘The Boss Baby’ is not only a very adorable film, but it is also a humorous one that welcomes its audience with its carefree humor” Sophia Song (11) said, “I was definitely engrossed in this movie since I put my wholehearted attention to it throughout.”

Certainly, such movies are often dismissed for seeming too childish or unrealistic. In other words, a baby wearing a suit and carrying around a briefcase ready to go on a secret spy mission could be something people may scoff at and deem as “unrealistic” or “immature.” However, “The Boss Baby” proved otherwise, as Tom Mcgrath invigorated the movie with a mix of glimmering wit and inventive visuals into a meaningful plot, making the film suitable for all ages.

“I felt that the movie ‘The Boss Baby’ was very entertaining and humorous.” Kristina Kim (9) said. “It is also a very healing movie to watch in your free time while you are going through so much in school.”

In addition to its humorous plot, the movie had an idealistic cast full of eminent comedians and actors that further enhanced the movie as a whole. Ranging from comedians like Jimmy Kimmel and Alec Baldwin to actresses like Lisa Kudrow, it is not surprising that the casts of the movie could easily portray the lighthearted and comical mood of the movie.

“I think ‘Boss Baby’ is a very exciting movie because it is very funny.” Ann Lee (5) said. “I really liked how each of the characters had their own kind of personality that stood out in different humorous ways.”

Out of all the talented actors in the cast, Alec Baldwin who played the role of the Boss Baby especially brought more vigor to the movie with his charming wit and humorous personality. By effectively voicing out the role of a sinister grown up baby, he truly expressed himself as a distinguished and experienced actor who could easily take on any wacky role to fit the screenplay. Looking at such actors, it is undeniable that “The Boss Baby” did indeed have an excellent set of actors and actresses.

Having numerous charming traits, it is no surprise that Tom Mcgrath’s newest work “The Boss Baby” already attracted 2,230,029 spectators in South Korea. Establishing a whole new and attractive aspect of animated films, this movie brings forth a bizarre yet unimaginably meaningful and heartwarming adventure. Simply put, as the Common Sense Media stated, “this animated comedy exceeds expectations.”