Seoul: Exhibition addiction


Volez, Voguez, Voyagez!

Hosted by Louis Vuitton, the “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez”––Fly, Sail, Travel––opened this summer in Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza for the first time. The exhibition showcased both vintage and modern travel trunks incorporating the history of a 163-year-old fashion house in differently themed rooms. These media were bright in color, capturing the eyes of many viewers. The museum’s entrance, projecting the blue sky and white clouds with spaceship like sounds, represented a space-like landmark that invited visitors to go on an adventure.

“The exhibition reveals the history and the background behind such a popular brand that is usually only seen for its surface level beauty.” Jina Kim (11) said. “It offers a good insight to all the hard work and effort that was put in to make a brand this successful. I saw amazing and beautiful pictures of the exhibition online which caused me to attend.”

Mademoiselle Privé

First showcased in London’s Saatchi Gallery in 2015, the Mademoiselle Privé reopened in Seoul for the summer. Similar to the Louis Vuitton exhibition, the Chanel showing presented founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s first shop in Deauville. The showcase presented a wide range of media from black and white photographs to clothing and even sculptures. Compared to the Louis Vuitton display, the Chanel show was considered to be more minimalistic and plain as it lacked vibrant colors and big displays. However, it still kicked the summer off with an outstanding premiere with A-list celebrity attendance from stars such as G-Dragon and CL.

“Even though I don’t wear these high-end fashion brands, I still love to learn about the history of these brands and try to follow the trend,” Emma Kim (10) said. “When I first went to the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition, I realized how far Gabrielle came to be where she’s at right now. I loved viewing the various ways Chanel represented Gabrielle’s first shop. It definitely illustrated a different side of Chanel that I didn’t know about.”

Karim Rashid: Design Your Self

The Karim Rashid: Design Your Self exhibition is currently on the rise. Karim Rashid is the mastermind of the Umbra Garbino trashcan, the Bobble water bottle, and Kenzo’s Amour perfume bottle. Keeping this in mind, the museum highlights monotone colored chairs and tables connected into one masterpiece. This piece in the museum allows people to physically sit in the chairs, unlike most exhibitions. The exposition also contains vibrant paintings that cover the walls capture the eyes of viewers.

Recently, as the number of tourists increase in Seoul, more and more exhibitions have come to Korea. Besides the two popular exhibitions, the experience has been intriguing as new visions are introduced to visitors. Overall, the increase in exhibitions in Korea has brought new trends and visions for not only the fashion world, but also the lifestyle of tourists an