Soo Min’s Search for Stars!


Welcome back to yet another year, Tigers. Though going back to sleeping three hours a night, waiting in the ridiculously long line for lunch, and staying awake for seven hours straight may all be a struggle, never fear, Soo Min is here! To help you adjust back to the rigorous school life, I have found two particular songs that will surely lift your moods.

First off is an energetic song by Rudimental and James Arthur, a must-hear song for those who need that extra boost to finish the day strong.

 Sun Comes Up – Rudimental feat. James Arthur

The beginning of the song is mellow. Euphonious guitar chords perfectly complement James Arthur’s husky voice as he sings about how he wonders, “maybe they’d never find [me]” even though he has been “waitin’ such a long, long, long time to feel it.” As the song transitions into the chorus, not only does the beat accelerate, but the tune also becomes much more optimistic. With a sudden change in melody, Arthur becomes optimistic and sings about how “suddenly the sun comes up / and [he] feels [his] love floodin’ back again.” The contrast between the uncertainty in the beginning and the confidence in the chorus resonates clearly with the dynamic mood swings students go through during their time studying, making it a much more relatable song to listen to––especially when trying to cope with a stressful schedule!

Second, an inspirational song by Kesha that teaches students to embrace themselves and avoid changing for others.

Praying – Kesha

The song starts off with a piano playing softly in the background. Kesha’s voice is just as soft, almost as if she is hesitant about her thoughts, as she thanks her enemy for “how strong [she has] become” even though she was almost fooled into thinking “[she] was nothing without [him].” Her feelings of skepticism regarding her own thoughts slowly develop into feelings of empowerment, reflected through the increasing volume of her voice. As the song progresses, she becomes much more confident about her choices and becomes “proud of who [she is]” because she realizes that “[he was] wrong and now the best is yet to come.” Bravery is a trait that can surely be found within one’s self, and the fearless person Kesha portrays through this song is perfect for those who are in need of courage.

Though the beginning of the year may be stressful and seemingly endless, don’t worry. Time will fly, and Chuseok Break will approach before you know it. Good luck to all of us!


– Soo Min Lee