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Varsity Boys Volleyball 17′-18′

  Ryan Jang (12)

My goal is to make sure that we can play to our full potential. As a senior, I want to be able to end my high school volleyball career on a high note with success in our team both on and off the court.

Sean Oh (12)

As a member of the team, my obvious goal is to be helpful. If I’m not helpful to the team, I don’t think I deserve to play this sport. Since volleyball is a sport that requires a great amount of teamwork, my other goal is to create tight bonds with every single player in the team.

Haanbi Kim (11)

Our goal is to build off of our successful season last year and win KAIAC for the second consecutive year while being able to play our highest level of volleyball as a whole unit. I will continue to motivate myself to become the greatest player I can be and perform with consistently good performances on the court. Giving my best effort during practices can also help me towards my success on the team as well.

Nick Shin (11)

My goals and aspirations as a varsity player are to play well enough at home games to foster more interest and school spirit within our SIS community. I also want to make sure that the team gains success throughout the season, whether at AISA or at KAIAC. To do my team justice, I will learn to respect my captains and work harder during practice. Again, to ensure a team success I need to make sure that I don’t succumb to the pressure of a real game scenario and remain focused. Also, I will have to resist my urge to get mad during a game and learn to forget and work even harder to earn the lost point.

Austin Jeong (11)

After playing one year in varsity and now fully understanding to the complexity of the game on the varsity level, I hope I can become a consistent and reliable player for the team. For the success of the entire team, I will try to create a carefree and enthusiastic atmosphere for our team, especially because we have many talented but new varsity players.

Andrew Park (11)

As a new member of the team, I am looking forward to learning from the upperclassmen. I am eager to learn not just the physical skills required for the sport but also the mental preparation. From the experience of past few practices, I have realized that varsity volleyball is different from JV because the higher level requires more focus and speed. I am eager to develop both the physical and mental side of the game.

Elliot Kim (11)

As a varsity volleyball player, I just want to try my best to win every game and I also want to improve my receiving skills throughout the season. To ensure success on the team, I will always try my best during practices, games, or tournaments and communicate well with my teammates.

Sean Lee (11)

My goal as a varsity volleyball player is to improve my individual skills in order to help the team achieve success. As a returning player, I hope to help the newer and younger players adjust to the team’s system. In order for the entire team to be successful, I believe that it will be very important for me to cheer up my teammates when they aren’t playing their best game and overall help maintain a very positive atmosphere.

Richie Kim (10)

My goals and aspirations as a varsity volleyball player are to try my best and to not make stupid mistakes and drag my team down. I will try my best to help our team and lead our team to victory; I’ll try my best to make no mistakes on my receives and be the best hitter to both defend our team and gain points for our team.

Aidan Kim (10)

My goal is to become a better setter and have more playing time. I will practice outside and inside of school to master skills that I don’t have yet and become an effective setter on the team.

Calvin Lee (10)

My goals and aspirations as a varsity volleyball player are to stand at the top again in both KAIAC and AISA tournaments. As a sophomore on the volleyball team, I don’t think I can help as much as the seniors and Juniors, but I hope that our team would all go this through together not leaving anyone behind and keep the legacy of the last year’s volleyball team records ongoing.

Eugene Jang (10)

My goal as a varsity player this year is to learn skills from older and more experienced players and incorporate their tips into my own game. I’ll be attentive and give my all. I know progress comes with time and hard work, and I’m willing to do so.