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Varsity Girls XC 17′-18′

Jiwon Chung (12)

My goal for the cross country team has always been to make everyone feel comfortable and supported by everyone. Now that I’m a senior, I guess I feel more responsibility for providing the best environment for the younger runners.

Amy Kim (12)

Running is life; never give up!

Jenny Kim (12)

My main goal for the team is to keep everyone motivated till the end; xc is perseverance, the one who wins is the one who runs till the very end. But running till the very end, striving till the finish line is what is most challenging. I want the team to be able to come over this challenge whether it is at practice or at races.

Katherine Kim (11)

I expect a lot of improvement as everyone tries to get better and I also expect a lot of teamwork as I meet new people and try to encourage others to do better.

Lucienne Huh (10)

My goal as an individual this year is to improve my running record. I started off in a pretty bad shape last year but I was able to improve. And I want to continue improving further instead of getting worse, like some of my upperclassmen teammates have said.

Sophia Moon (9)

Because it’s my first year in the cross country team I think that I’m really excited but also a little worried because I’m not sure about what to expect. I am hoping that there will be a lot of opportunities to grow not only as a runner but also as a student at SIS by building my relationships with the cross country coaches and teammates.