Soo Min’s Search for Stars!


As the days get shorter and the leaves start to fall, the number of summatives you have in a week begin to stack up until you lose count. Sleep is now less of a necessity than it is an option, and the family dinners you used to have at least once every two weeks become nonexistent as you frantically try to find time to finish all your projects and study for all of your tests. The stress weighs you down, and you hope with all your might for some peace and quiet amidst all the chaos. While I unfortunately cannot grant such a wish, I have brought something just as fulfilling: two new songs perfect for this month! Take a deep breath and relax.

First off is a notable song by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line, a must-hear song especially for those looking for a change in their lives. 

Meant to Be – Bebe Rexha with Florida Georgia Line

Soothing piano chords start off the song with Florida Georgia Line’s gentle voice. He tells his significant other to “kick [her] pretty feet up on [his] dash” and just “enjoy right here where we at” because to him, there is “no need to go nowhere fast.” This calm attitude is reflected in not only his voice but also the evenness of the song’s beat, creating an overall mellow ambiance. Though he is the only one singing in the chorus the first time around, Bebe Rexha joins him in the second verse, singing of how she wants him to “show [her] what [he’s] made of” because her “heart’s been hurt a couple times by a couple guys that didn’t treat [her] right.” The way her lyrics flow, she seems to be wary of how their relationship might turn out, but all doubt disappears in the chorus the second time as they sing together in harmony. The combination of a country singer’s voice and a pop singer’s voice comes very naturally and creates a melodic sound that makes the song unique. If you’re in search of something new, this song is surely for you!

Second, an inspirational song by The Veronicas ensuring that someone will always be on your side.

On Your Side – The Veronicas

The beginning of the song is quiet, with calm piano chords backing up the soft vocals of the singer. She sings of how they’d “hold [their] hands, take a bow [and] together stand [their] ground and fight” if they had known what they would have done before. The song suddenly shifts gears, and the various beats in the background coordinate with the singer to produce a faster tempo. During the chorus, both singers of The Veronica harmonize and sing about how “we all get a little wrecked sometimes” because “life isn’t pretty.” Though the lyrics may give off the idea that the song is negative and pessimistic, the singers actually end with a positive note: how “through all the hard times / [they’re] on your side.” The tempo once again increases, and the lively melody in the background that differs greatly from the tune in the beginning emphasizes the overarching meaning of how even in the darkest of days, there will be something to stay positive about. For those feeling down, especially because of the change in weather nowadays, this is the song for you!

The school year may seem to be getting harder by the day, never lose hope! Each and every one of you are capable of succeeding while withstanding the stress and pressure. Push through— just a few more weeks until Chuseok!


  • Soo Min