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Fall season recap: athletes finish strong


Starting the year off strong, the fall season athletes rekindled the Tiger spirit that died down over the summer. These athletes were stars of volleyball, tennis, and cross-country. Although the three sports were spread across three separate venues—gym, court, and track—they were all played under the same title: SIS Tigers.

“Coming into this season, we lost half of our team as six seniors from last year left, all of whom were key players to the performance of our team,” said Haanbi Kim (11), a libero for the Varsity Boys Volleyball team. “We had big shoes to fill in, especially if we wanted to replicate the success that we experienced last season. However, as the season progressed, we were able to build stronger team chemistry and experience amidst inexperience within new members. Ultimately, we were able to beat teams that were initially much better than us. I can confidently say that we had a successful season.”

SIS Volleyball is often praised to have an exceptional team unity. Regardless of the fact that volleyball is a team sport, every member of the team considers each other as sisters or brothers. With a strong leadership from the captains Sean Oh (12), Ryan Jang (12), Jane Han (12), Karen Joo (12), and Lauren Kim (12), our Tigers volleyball team was once again able to finish the season strong. Most prominently, the boy’s team was able to continue their legacy of being the champions of the KAIAC Red Division Tournament. The girl’s team was also very close to keeping their title as champions, but just stopped a little short as second place for the KAIAC Conference. All the sweat the players poured out onto the court setting, spiking, and digging the ball was nonetheless rewarded to them in priceless pride for the team.

“As the cross-country season has now come to an end, it makes me realize that these are the people that have driven you through thick and thin,” said Justin Ro (10), a varsity cross-country athlete. “Although cross-country is an individual sport, I believe that teamwork is still absolutely crucial—it physically and mentally drives you forward. The motivation that you hear from teammates while you are running actually gives you the potential to outrun others. Many people say that cross-country is not a sport. Maybe they should try running a 5k instead of dying while running a mile run.”

All they need is a pair of sneakers and grit: the SIS Cross Country team. Led by enthusiastic captains—Joe Kim (11) and Jenny Kim (12)—the Tigers were more eager than ever. Every practice, regardless of the scorching sun or unforgiving rain, our athletes fought their way through and always remembered to finish strong. A phenomenal runner that all the coaches praised for this season was Kevin Keebum Kim (11). He was titled AISA, KAIAC all-tournament and conference’s most valuable player. Although team Tigers was not ranked first, the result did not let down their spirit. Returning members are determined to continue training themselves until next season.

“Of all four years of experience on the Varsity Tennis team, this past season was definitely the best one,” said Cinji Kim (12), the captain of the Varsity Girl’s Tennis Team. “Our team was closer than those of previous years. Strengthened by our participation in the Dragon Cup Tournament that took place in Beijing, our bond is inexplicable in words. We cheered for each other, laughed with each other, and cried together. I have never been more thankful to have the privilege of having such a supportive group as this year’s tennis team.”

Ace—deuce—love. The 2017 Varsity Tennis team had it all: Skill—passion—love. Their daily rides to and from the school and the tennis court brought them to be a tighter team than any other. But on the court, they were also ambitious athletes with extensive experiences. As a result, they were able to place second for all KAIAC Tournament, Conference, and the Dragon Cup Tournament in Beijing. Behind this impressive record, captains Cinji Kim (12), Alex Minki Kim (12), and Andrew Kim (12) followed. They worked to bond the team together and promote Tiger spirit.

Over the course of three months, all fall season athletes were able to find a new family within the SIS community. The effort and sweat they naturally shared built a strong bond within the team, and established a sense of pride never before seen. Regardless of the results, the Tigers spirit is now higher than ever, thanks to the fall season athle

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