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Gym popularity explodes with seniors

Gym popularity explodes with seniors

Andrew Shin, Reporter | Feb 29, 2024

An annual trend between seniors is to start working out at the gym after finishing their college applications. Starting around the New Year, many Korean students (both public school and SIS students)...

Source: CNET

Apple releases Vision Pro

Andrew Shin, Reporter | Feb 8, 2024

Apple began delivering their new Vision Pro product to consumers in the US starting Feb. 2 at a starting price of $3499. The Apple Vision Pro is a mixed reality headset. With two forward-facing cameras...

Table ordering system transforms dining culture in Korea

Table ordering system transforms dining culture in Korea

Taerin Kim, Reporter | Jan 26, 2024

In recent years, Korea has undergone a notable transformation in its dining culture marked by a growing number of restaurants installing online tablet ordering systems. These devices on the table allow...

Tim Hortons launches in Korea

Tim Hortons launches in Korea

Donghyun Danny Han, Copy Editor | Dec 8, 2023

On Dec. 14, Tim Hortons–Canada’s highest-selling coffee franchise–is opening in Gangnam, South Korea. Even more, the company has announced plans for a second chain near Tehran Boulevard, Seolleong....

Image Source: Spotify Newsroom

Music services release music recaps

Danny Donghyun Han, Reporter | Dec 6, 2023

On Nov. 29, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Spotify announced their 2023 music replays. These replays show the user’s top five favorite genres, most liked artists, and other highlights recorded on...


New health phenomenon: barefoot walking

Taerin Kim, Reporter | Nov 29, 2023

Walking in a park through a hiking trail in Daemosan, certain types of hikers catch your eye: barefoot walkers hiking on yellow clay soil.  Ever since the fad caught on, new practitioners have increased...

Compilation of 23 fashion trends

Fashion trends dominate transition from autumn to winter

Chelsea Kim, Social Media Manager | Nov 22, 2023

From pinstripe blazers to platform two-inch Uggs, new fashion trends have decorated the streets as autumn departs and winter returns. This year, runway brands are embracing easily wearable styles—all...

Koreas Hwachae goes viral on Tiktok

Korea’s Hwachae goes viral on Tiktok

Everlyn Chong, Reporter | Sep 26, 2023

Ever since a TikTok video of a Korean influencer eating Hwachae, a Korean cold fruit bowl, at 3 a.m. went viral, Hwachae has gained massive popularity around the world. The Korean dessert is now globally...

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Plant-based meat industry struggles

Taerin Kim, Reporter | Sep 8, 2023

Sales of plant-based meat declined by 19.8% this year after receiving criticism from experts and consumers.  Plant-based meat has once been a popular meat-free alternative. Made of vegan ingredients...

products served at Wingstop

South Korea: Destination for international food chains

Danny Donghyun Han, Reporter | Sep 4, 2023

Since the early 1980s, South Korea has been a popular destination for foreign food chains. Western food chains, including Burger King and KFC, arrived in Korea following the success of South Korean corporation...

Students touring Vietnam

GIN, HFH travel during spring break

Danny Donghyun Han, Reporter | Apr 17, 2023

Over spring break, Habitat For Humanity (HFH) and Global Issues Network (GIN) traveled to Vietnam and Thailand respectively.  The HFH trip from March 25-31 included 11 students and two advisors, Patrick...

How authentic is your ‘authentic’ Korean food?

How authentic is your ‘authentic’ Korean food?

Cherlin Kim, Managing Editor | Apr 3, 2023

As you pass food trucks and restaurants in Koreatown in the US, you see neon signs flashing “Authentic Korean Food” to lure immigrants longing for a taste of home and intrigued non-Koreans who want...

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