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Plant-based meat industry struggles

Taerin Kim, Reporter | Sep 8, 2023

Sales of plant-based meat declined by 19.8% this year after receiving criticism from experts and consumers.  Plant-based meat has once been a popular meat-free alternative. Made of vegan ingredients...

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South Korea: Destination for international food chains

Danny Donghyun Han , Copy Editor | Sep 4, 2023

Since the early 1980s, South Korea has been a popular destination for foreign food chains. Western food chains, including Burger King and KFC, arrived in Korea following the success of South Korean corporation...

Students touring Vietnam

GIN, HFH travel during spring break

Danny Donghyun Han , Copy Editor | Apr 17, 2023

Over spring break, Habitat For Humanity (HFH) and Global Issues Network (GIN) traveled to Vietnam and Thailand respectively.  The HFH trip from March 25-31 included 11 students and two advisors, Patrick...

How authentic is your ‘authentic’ Korean food?

How authentic is your ‘authentic’ Korean food?

Cherlin Kim, Managing Editor | Apr 3, 2023

As you pass food trucks and restaurants in Koreatown in the US, you see neon signs flashing “Authentic Korean Food” to lure immigrants longing for a taste of home and intrigued non-Koreans who want...

Seniors take studio photographs

Seniors take studio photographs

Joseph Chun, Design & Production Editor | Mar 16, 2023

With graduation in three months, many seniors recently have visited photo studios with their friend groups. “We were all discussing what we could do to make our last few months together memorable,”...

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What goes on inside a private personal color consultation?

Jennifer Kwon, Reporter | Mar 15, 2023

On March 1, Skylar Peck (12) and I visited Color GA Sanda in Mapo-gu to take a personal color test.  For a consultation of 90 minutes, the total was 110,000 won.  Though it is quite costly, if...

Two Seongsu-dong bakeries rise as Seoul’s hidden gems

Two Seongsu-dong bakeries rise as Seoul’s hidden gems

Jennifer Kwon, Reporter | Feb 10, 2023

Seongsu-dong was once a neighborhood known for shoe-making. However, technological advancements in the late 1980s caused many factories to shut down, forcing the majority of workers to look for new jobs....

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Korea changes expiration date system

Danny Donghyun Han , Copy Editor | Jan 28, 2023

On Jan. 1, the Korean government changed expiration date guidelines from best-by-dates to use-by-dates. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) first announced the decision to stop using best-by dates...

Legal today, illegal tomorrow

Legal today, illegal tomorrow

Sophie Choi, Copy Editor | Jan 28, 2023

All South Koreans will become one or two years younger starting June 2023. South Korea’s age system rules a person one year old at birth and adds a year to their age every Jan. 1. This system, which...

Find victory in defeat

Find victory in defeat

Joseph Chun, Design & Production Editor | Dec 5, 2022

Defeat occurs once in a while to everybody, including us students—whether it be losing in a quiz tournament, missing a game winning shot, or performing poorly in a Model United Nations conference. And...

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Twitch announces new limitations on South Korea

Danny Donghyun Han , Copy Editor | Dec 5, 2022

On Nov.10, video-streaming platform Twitch announced that they will remove VOD content in South Korea by Dec. 13.  Twitch has previously seen success in South Korea with growing views. Platform creators...

Seniors Sean Choi, Bryan Lee, and Andrew Ham are studying in the senior lounge.

Which grade has it the toughest?

Eric Hyunseung Cho, Reporter | Nov 29, 2022

High school is not easy. Each year is a new journey, but with each passing year, new difficulties arise and new challenges are encountered. When the student body was asked which grade was the toughest,...