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Find victory in defeat

Find victory in defeat

Joseph Chun, Reporter | December 5, 2022

Defeat occurs once in a while to everybody, including us students—whether it be losing in a quiz tournament, missing a game winning shot, or performing poorly in a Model United Nations conference. And...

It’s not just Trump Republicans need to dump

It’s not just Trump Republicans need to dump

Brandon Choi, Reporter | December 1, 2022

When Democrats officially retained control of the US Senate during the 2022 Midterm Elections, the Republican Party was sent into a frenzy, with party leaders Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell blamed...

Image Source: Newsis teenagers under 14 exempt from crimes

Age for criminals?

Danny Donghyun Han , Reporter | November 17, 2022

Are you younger than 14?  In Korea, this seemingly arbitrary question can determine whether you spend a lifetime in jail or get off free. This flaw in the Korean law was highlighted in May 2020,...

The recycling bins are available in every classroom in SIS.

How effective is recycling in SIS?

Hannah Yi, Reporter | November 17, 2022

Walking through the hallways around SIS, you may have encountered colorful recycling bins with different labels to separate waste. With a growing global awareness of sustainability, recycling is a practice...

Korean military soldiers preparing for combat

Training or torture?

Cherlin Kim, Copy Editor | October 24, 2022

Take a moment and picture a soldier. Let me guess—tall, muscular guy in cargo pants?  This spring, SIS senior boys have begun receiving military enrollment letters to sign up for two years of cut-throat...

printf(“Why expand coding courses?”);

printf(“Why expand coding courses?”);

Andrew Shin, Reporter | October 12, 2022

As college application season rolls around, seniors are finalizing college lists and their preferred major. Notably, students applying for Computer Science programs have been increasing due to lucrative...

Source: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Politics needs more politeness

Brandon Choi, Reporter | October 2, 2022

People don’t like talking politics. It’s polarizing. It starts fights. It devolves family gatherings into dinner table arguments. This social disincentive drives people away from even learning about...

A blind prayer: Que sera, sera

A blind prayer: Que sera, sera

Jordan Kim and Woojune Kim , Co-Editors-in-Chiefs | September 21, 2022

Que sera, sera: What will be, will be. The song lyric by Doris Day and Frank De Vol is now a whimsical cliche. That doesn’t mean the iconic line from the 1950s is not truthful. There are instances where...

Are we making our liberal arts education less liberal?

Are we making our liberal arts education less liberal?

Daniel Shin, Managing Editor | September 21, 2022

Are you moongwa (문과) or eegwa (이과)? Or both?  It is a question that is as old as the Korean education system itself, fueling hours of lunch table gossip and tormenting generations of high school...

A small group of SIS students, faculty, and parents remain to spectate the first home game of the volleyball season.

Be there or be square

Erin Choi, Reporter | September 19, 2022

After two and a half hours, five sets, and countless emotional points, the boys volleyball team secured another hard fought victory. The win was meaningful, for it culminated the long hiatus of games and...

Graphic by Minjae Chun (11)

Chance to take more APs lies in your hands, not others’

Bin Ma, Reporter | May 17, 2022

Recently, SIS students had the chance to make appeals to take additional AP Courses. However, not everyone’s appeals were approved by the administration. Curiously, the AP recommendation form has...

Korean history, no longer a mystery

Korean history, no longer a mystery

Minjae Chun, Design & Production Editor | April 18, 2022

Wait, so what exactly happened in the Gwangju May 18 uprising? What about the 6.25 war?  A couple of months ago, when I asked my grandfather these questions, he was truly taken aback by my lack of...