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The National Assembly

National Assembly election comes to an end: What does this mean for Korea?

Chelsea Kim, Social Media Manager | Jun 3, 2024

The results of the April 10 National Assembly elections demonstrated a heavily left-leaning victory, as voters delivered a rebuke to the party of conservative President Yoon Suk-Yeol.  The main opposition...

Source: Dimitar Dilkoff

We must remember the forgotten war in Ukraine

Kaylyn Kim, Reporter | Jun 2, 2024

Feb. 24, 2022 is a date that each person will remember differently. To Ukrainian citizens, this day signifies an invasion of sovereignty that they anticipated since late 2021 when Russia gathered 190,000...

Source: MBC News

US colleges reinstate standardized testing

Zoe Chang, Reporter | May 31, 2024

Earlier this year, colleges across the United States announced that they will be reinstating standardized testing starting from the 2025-'26 school year. As of April, top universities such as Brown, Dartmouth...

Biden addressed the shipment pause in an interview with CNN. (Source: MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Biden halts the shipment of weapons to Israel

Stella Ock, Reporter | May 30, 2024

President Biden declared on May 8 that the US would not supply Israel with weapons if Israel invades the Gaza city of Rafah. Biden has acknowledged that southern Gaza is densely populated with more...

People push a bus through flood water, in Dubai, April 17. REUTERS/Amr Alfiky

Dubai’s flood warns that cities must adapt to climate change

Stella Ock, Reporter | May 30, 2024

Heavy rains pounded the United Arab Emirates (UAE), particularly Dubai, on April 16, exceeding average annual rainfall totals within a single day. The flood wreaked havoc on Dubai—streets transformed...

Weather gets warmer in Korea

Weather gets warmer in Korea

Taerin Kim, Reporter | May 9, 2024

As May unfolds, South Korea is already feeling the heat of early summer, experiencing its highest recorded temperature of 31.2 degrees.  Since April, South Korea has reached unusually high temperatures,...

O.J Simpson dies at 76

O.J Simpson dies at 76

Taerin Kim, Reporter | May 2, 2024

Former football star and the defendant in a highly-publicized murder trial, O.J Simpson, died at his home at the age 76 on April 10 after a battle with cancer.  Simpson’s diagnosis of unspecified...

Pro-Palestinian protests after mass arrest at Columbia University

Pro-Palestinian protests after mass arrest at Columbia University

Subeen Shim, Reporter | May 2, 2024

Classes canceled, dozens of arrests, and university gates closed. On April 23, prestigious US universities started to experience campus tensions over Israel’s war with Hamas.  More than 100 pro-Palestinians,...

Arizona house overturns abortion laws

Jiah Hwang, Reporter | May 2, 2024

On April 25, the Arizona House of Representatives voted to overturn the state’s abortion ban that has been in place since 1864. This was possible with three republican party members, Matt Gress, Tim...

Photo credits: Reuters

Donald Trump faces potential jail time

Grace Lee, Reporter | Apr 29, 2024

Former US President Donald Trump is facing criminal charges for alleged alterations of around 36 business records in an attempt to cover up the hush money he paid to adult actress Stormy Daniels. The jury...

Kate Middleton: Where is she?

Jiah Hwang, Reporter | Apr 15, 2024

Amid the flurry of rumors surrounding the disappearance of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, Kensington Palace released an emotional video message aired on BBC Studios of Kate Middleton personally...

South Korean doctors strike

South Korean doctors engage in mass protest against government plans

Chelsea Kim, Social Media Manager | Apr 15, 2024

Following the government's announcement on increasing medical school admissions from 3,058 to 5,058 starting in 2025, over 9,000 doctors walked out to hold a mass anti-government rally. As a result, surgeries...