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Franke and her family pose in a photo. (Source: Insider)

Ruby Franke arrested for child abuse

Hannah Yi, Copy Editor | Sep 27, 2023

On Aug. 30, family vlogger Ruby Franke, who ran the popular YouTube channel “8 Passengers,” was arrested on aggravated child abuse charges after her 12-year-old son climbed out of a window and pleaded...

Image Source: X @BLACKPINK

Black Pink concert ‘Born Pink’ reaches finale

Danny Donghyun Han, Copy Editor | Sep 26, 2023

On Sept. 16-17, Black Pink, a famous K-pop group, hosted the last of their world tour “Born Pink” in Seoul. The Black Pink members traveled worldwide in their year-long tour schedule, beginning in...

Source: Reuters

Rupert Murdoch steps down from Fox

Eric Hyunseung Cho, Reporter | Sep 26, 2023

On Sep 21, Rupert Murdoch announced that he would step down as chairman of Fox Corporation and Executive Chairman of News Corp. Murdoch informed his colleagues through a letter, noting that he was in good...

Flooding in Derna due to collapse of two dams

Dam collapse in Libya kills thousands

Taerin Kim, Reporter | Sep 22, 2023

On Sept. 11, the unprecedented bursts of two dams in Libya led floodwater to overflow Derna and resulted in the catastrophic destruction of the city.  Libya had been dealing with the aftermath of Storm...

Source: Chung Sung-Jun, Getty Images

Teachers protest unfair treatment

Andrew Shin, Reporter | Sep 22, 2023

An estimated 10,000 teachers in black outfits gathered in front of the National Assembly to participate in the protest on Sept. 4, otherwise known as “The day public education stops” to commemorate...

Morocco earthquake devastates thousands

Morocco earthquake devastates thousands

Taerin Kim, Reporter | Sep 18, 2023

On Sept. 8, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck Morocco at night, killing more than 2,900 people. Morocco has been dealing with the aftermath of the deadly earthquake that took the lives of thousands...

Indian citizens watch LVM-3, the rocket with Chandrayaan-3, launch.

India successfully lands on the moon

Eric Hyunseung Cho, Reporter | Sep 8, 2023

On Aug. 19, Luna 25, a Russian spacecraft intended to land on the moon’s south pole, crashed into the moon. According to Yury Borisov, there was a problem with the spacecraft’s engines as the engines...

source: Pexels

Super blue moon sparks academic hope

Jiah Hwang, Reporter | Sep 8, 2023

The last full moon of the month, titled the “rare super blue moon,” dazzled spectators worldwide on Aug. 30. Contrary to popular belief, the blue moon did not have even the slightest tinge of blue....

South Korea, Saemangeum 2023 World Scout Jamboree campsite

South Korea uses K-pop concert as compensation for scout jamboree failures

Christie Hwang, Reporter | Sep 6, 2023

On Aug. 1, around 43,000 participants from 158 different countries gathered for the 12-day 25th World Scout Jamboree in Saemangeum, South Korea. The 12-day event gained international attention as South...

Source: Reuters

Japan releases treated nuclear wastewater, unlikely to pose health risks

Andrew Shin, Reporter | Sep 6, 2023

Starting on Aug. 24, workers from the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) began releasing treated water stored at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station (FDNPS), destroyed by the Great East Japan...

Image of TikTok in Apples App Store

Montana bans TikTok

Andrew Shin, Reporter | May 29, 2023

On May 17, Montana governor Greg Gianforte signed the bill SB419 that would ban TikTok from operating in Montana and fine any mobile application stores that allow Montana residents to download TikTok beginning...

Source: Scott Olson/ Getty Images

DeSantis announces presidential bid on Twitter

Brandon Choi, Executive Copy Editor | May 29, 2023

On May 24, Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis launched his 2024 presidential bid on the audio platform Twitter Spaces. While a series of technical difficulties delayed it by 25 minutes, the online...