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Mission Statement

Tiger Times Online is the official online newspaper of the students and by the students of Seoul International School. We write to inform, entertain, and provide an overview of student and community life for the SIS students, staff, and alumni, and any other local and international readers. The Web strives to provide a forum for student expression on significant issues to stimulate meaningful discourse.

TTONL will strive to accurately and impartially report news that is considered important and relevant to students, emphasizing school news and any community, national, or international news affecting the student body. Though TTONL will not deliberately publish material that is legally obscene, or intended to cause a substantial disruption of school activities,  it will not shy away from controversial or unpopular stories that have news value. We are established to share information on matters of interest and concern, from sports to lifestyle and entertainment, and will continue to expand our platform with easily accessible and entertaining podcasts and videos.

Ethics Code

Tiger Times Online strives to maintain high standards of journalism ethics, which are upheld by our commitment to integrity in promoting this website. We follow the Code of Ethics established by the Society of Professional Journalists. The four main principles we follow are Seek Truth and Report It, Minimize Harm, Act Independently and Be Accountable.

The staff members of Tiger Times Online do not condone fake news, inaccuracies, false information, or bias of any kind. Prior to the uploading of our articles, staff members are committed to a prerequisite of verifying the legitimacy of information to be posted, as well as any chances of plagiarism.

All content on this website, including but not limited to text, videos, audio, design, etc., is copyrighted to Tiger Times Online.  All pictures published online are copyright-free images from sites like Pixabay.

Tiger Times Online encourages readers to comment on or criticize our work. Although the website provides a space for readers to upload comments below every post, the editorial board has the right to delete certain online comments they deem inappropriate.

Our principles are asserted by the terms and conditions listed above.

Editorial Policy

The editorial is a monthly opinion article written by the Tiger Times Online (TTONL) Editors in Chiefs (EICs). While the EICs primarily collaborate to write this article, the views expressed are ultimately representative of the views of the TTONL editorial staff as a whole. Before the editorial is written, thorough research on the topic is independently conducted by editorial staff and a discussion takes place to reach a unified consensus on the particular issue to be written about. After the editorial is drafted, it is then sent to newspaper advisor Mr. Stephen Shifflett, for final edits and approval. Ultimately, the end goals of any editorial published on TTONL are to inform readership and promote healthy discussion of issues both on and off campus.

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