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Weather gets warmer in Korea


As May unfolds, South Korea is already feeling the heat of early summer, experiencing its highest recorded temperature of 31.2 degrees. 

Since April, South Korea has reached unusually high temperatures, with April 2024 recorded to have the highest average daily temperatures since 1973. Cherry blossoms, which typically begin to bloom around early April in Seoul, started blossoming on March 25, marking the early start of the spring season. This was an early blooming, occurring 14 days earlier than the average blooming season. However, this was not as early as expected as some even believed that it will bloom earlier due to the early blooming in 2023. 

“With the weather being so inconsistent in March because of global warming, cherry blossoms bloomed early last year,” Julie Lee (10), student studying environment said. “Although it bloomed relatively early, everybody expected the cherry blossoms to bloom even earlier this year. However, with inconsistent spring weather, festivals had to be rescheduled. Just because the average temperature is rising, doesn’t mean that the flowers are going to bloom faster. It all depends on the stability of the weather.” 

In late April, an outdoor water park in Yongin had already opened its gates, crowded with children and family, trying to stay away from the heat. Others decided to visit the Han river to go on a spring picnic to greet the warmer weather.  

Temperatures in several regions, including Gyeongju, Daegu, and Seoul, frequently exceeded 30 degrees. While recent rain has temporarily cooled down the heat, forecasts predict that the temperatures are expected to rise again next week.


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