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O.J Simpson dies at 76


Former football star and the defendant in a highly-publicized murder trial, O.J Simpson, died at his home at the age 76 on April 10 after a battle with cancer. 

Simpson’s diagnosis of unspecified cancer was revealed in May 2023 through his social media. It was reported that he was receiving chemotherapy treatment. On April 10, Simpson’s family announced his death, reporting that he died surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

O.J. Simpson’s legacy was remarkable as he set various records during his 11 years in the NFL. Playing football since highschool, Simpson rose to fame in college before playing in the NFL. Even after retirement from football in 1979, he enjoyed popularity as a spokesperson and sports commentator and even occasionally acted in films such as “The Towering Inferno” and the “Naked Gun.” 

However, in 1994, Simpson’s life took a dramatic turn with his arrest for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpsons, and her friend Ronald Goldman who died after being stabbed to death. This trial was labeled to be the trial of the century due to the media attention and controversy surrounding the verdict. 

Although a criminal court jury found him not guilty in 1995, in 1997, a civil trial jury found him liable for the murder. Despite denying his responsibility at first, little more than a decade later,  he confessed to the murders. He served a 33-year sentence following his conviction of armed robbery, kidnapping, conspiracy and other charges in 2008. In 2017, he was granted parole and soon announced his diagnosis of cancer. 

Malcolm LaVergne, longtime Simpson lawyer, told the Associated Press that Simpson died with only one close family member despite rumors that Simpson died surrounded by children and grandchildren. On April 28, LaVergne further reported to The Times, confirming his death certificate and the cause of Simpson’s death to be metastatic prostate cancer. 

The public expressed mixed emotions to this news. While some felt pity for Simpson, some showed sympathy towards the victims of his crime due to Simpson’s debt of $114 million to the victims’ families.  

“I remember I was very stunned at the story of the trial of O.J Simpson who was labeled to be one of the most famous people,” Adelyn Yim (10) said. “I was shocked to hear of his death at first but knowing what kind of murder he committed I don’t feel as sad.”

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