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Ryan Jung (11) holding his meatloafs.

Renovated cafeteria receives mostly positive reviews

Joseph Chun, Design & Production Editor | Sep 19, 2022

The renovated cafeteria opened on Sept. 1, and J&J Catering provided students and faculty with improved food in a larger space. Now the cafeteria provides students with three menus—Korean, noodles,...

Students and teachers plan for Chuseok

Students and teachers plan for Chuseok

Jack Lee, Reporter | Sep 8, 2022

Chuseok is on the horizon, and students and teachers look forward to their long-awaited four-day break. Students’ plans differ by grade levels. While certain freshmen and sophomores will study for their...

Example of a standing desk

Stand up for standing desks

Paul Moon, Managing Editor | Sep 5, 2022

I am going to say it: SIS students are not healthy. Many students do not play sports, and even those that do only exercise during the two-month season, then slack off the rest of the year. Immediately...

DSQ at the pep rally

SIS returns to pre-COVID-19 normalcy

Minjae Chun, Design & Production Editor | May 27, 2022

Since April, the South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare announced that omicron is in retreat. The government has recently lifted most of its COVID-19 precautions and many citizens are claiming that...

Graphic by Woojune Kim (11)

Students arrange summer plans

Joseph Chun, Design & Production Editor | May 17, 2022

As the end of the year approaches, students have begun to plan for a fun summer break starting on June 10, motivating themselves to reach the finish line.  Many students look into going on vacation,...

How students study for AP exams

How students study for AP exams

Erin Choi, Reporter | Apr 28, 2022

With AP exams being administered in May, it is now the most dreaded month of the school year for a great majority of high school students. To prepare, students have adopted their own studying strategies...

Graphic by Woojune Kim

Tracking highs and lows of students’ quarantine cooking

Woojune Kim , Co-Editor-in-Chief | Apr 14, 2022

During the pandemic, many SIS students have found a new hobby: cooking. The lockdown naturally gave students more opportunities to cook since they had more time at home and could not eat outside as often. “I...

Sunny Lee (12) and Hannah Kim (12) at Busan Haeundae Beach

Senior trips excite students

Minjae Chun, Design & Production Editor | Mar 24, 2022

  With less than three months left this semester, seniors have been going on long-awaited trips with their friends. Seniors are taking advantage of long weekends and the upcoming spring break...

SIS students explore world of vlogging

SIS students explore world of vlogging

Erin Choi, Reporter | Mar 4, 2022

On an average day at SIS, you may often find yourself walking past a group of students filming and talking in front of a camera. It is also likely that you find a few familiar faces in the thumbnails of...

What did SIS teachers do over Lunar break?

What did SIS teachers do over Lunar break?

Bin Ma, Reporter | Feb 9, 2022

Lunar holidays are usually a period for teachers to travel around Korea after traveling abroad during their winter break. However, for some teachers, the lunar break ended up becoming an extension of their...

Graphic by Minjae Chun

Senioritis: Is it treatable?

Minjae Chun, Design & Production Editor | Feb 1, 2022

As the second semester begins, the epidemic is spreading once again. Piles of unfinished assignments, inboxes overflowing with unread emails, and exams taken with bare minimum effort. Lack of motivation...

SIS should educate students on financial literacy. Here’s Why.

Jennifer Kwon, Reporter | Nov 18, 2021

I am pretty sure that there was a moment in every high schooler’s life where they asked themselves, “Will    I ever actually use this knowledge after I graduate?”  After graduating, I am sure...

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