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Korea’s Hwachae goes viral on Tiktok


Ever since a TikTok video of a Korean influencer eating Hwachae, a Korean cold fruit bowl, at 3 a.m. went viral, Hwachae has gained massive popularity around the world. The Korean dessert is now globally famous for its refreshing taste.

Hwachae, in traditional characters, means “flower food.” The beautiful blend of various fruit colors produces an outstanding visual of the dessert. The aesthetic visual and scrumptious taste of Hwachae makes the public crave it. 

“I really like eating the Hwachae,” Celine Yang (11), dessert enthusiast, said. “I actually ate it last week after I saw a girl on TikTok posting a video of eating it at 3 a.m. It’s everywhere on TikTok now. I love how refreshing it is to eat, especially during the summer.” 

The simplicity of the dessert encourages people to make one themselves. The recipe requires fruits lying around the house, strawberry milk, and Sprite.  

“Whenever I get bored, especially in the summer, I always make myself a fruit bowl,” Sylvia Lee (10), a student at SIS, said. “It’s very quick and easy to make. I think it’s one of the best desserts that anyone can make that tastes so delicious. When my friends come over, I also like to make a giant Hwachae in a mixing bowl. It is a mix of deliciousness and entertainment.”

The popularity of the fruit bowl does not stop here. The media influenced foreign social media influencers, spreading the fame of the viral Korean dessert. Not only that but recently, a Korean TV show called “Korea’s Food Plate” traveled to Germany to cook Korean meals for German elementary schoolers. The students’ favorite dish was Hwachae, and the children left comments such as “I want my mother to make one!”

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