More Webtoons, Less Booktoons


Webtoons­ are digital comics that are updated every week. Popular webtoon sites include Naver, Daum, KakaoPage, Comica, Ktoon, and more. Everyday is a thrill from new comic updates coming up in these various sites. Although these comics are mainly pointed towards teens, many people in their thirties and forties still read these webtoons.

Here is a list of the trendiest webtoons of this year:

Lookism (Naver Webtoon)

Park Hyunsuk his mother to live without his father. His mother was left to care and provide for her son. Having barely enough to survive, their house was a raggy, old, small place. His mother is treated horribly for the sole reason that she is poor. Hyunsuk, a fat, short, ugly kid, is bullied at school, but a sudden miracle happens when he wakes up in a new body that is both tall and handsome. He soon realizes that his new body widens his opportunities are widened and that world has changes its attitude towards him. He can now fight, make friends, become an idol or model, and most importantly, stand up for his own mother. Once he sleeps, he changes bodies, meaning that he can interchange between the two bodies just by sleeping. Using this to his advantage, he goes to school with the handsome body, but at night, goes to do a part-time job at a convenience store with the ugly body. Will society ever accept his fat, ugly body?

Spirit Fingers (Naver Webtoon)

“Spirit Fingers” by Han Kyung Chal is famous for its depiction of a romantic storyline of two kids. Protagonist Woo Yun comes at odds with her family when her family sets high expectations on her because of her overachieving younger brother. Against her parents’ wishes, she secretly attends a meeting of various people who love to draw. Each member of the group dresses up according to the theme of the day. While one member poses, the other members have three minutes to make a croquis drawing. During this meeting, another member’s younger brother, Gi Jung, joins the club after falling in love with Woo Yun. Gi Jung’s dream is to become a model, while Woo Yun is still on her journey to finding what she truly wants to do. Will Woo Yun follow her dreams of becoming an artist or follow her mother’s dream of being a “perfect child.”

Super Secret (Naver Webtoon)

Eun Ho has had a childhood best friend, Gyun Woo, since she was little. Gyun Woo’s family has been taking care of Eun Ho since their childhood following Eun Ho’s parents died in an unfortunate accident. Eun Ho is treated like any other family member, but is unaware of Gyun Woo’s family secret: his family is made up of supernatural creatures. Gyun Woo is a werewolf, his mother is a fairy, his father is a frankenstein, his oldest sister is a witch, and his youngest sister is a nine-tailed fox. Though the family tries to keep this a secret from her, more and more incidents start to reveal the truth to Eun Ho and she is unprepared to know the big secret, especially as Eun Ho starts dating Gyun Woo. Will Eun Ho treat Gyun Woo the same after finding out the truth?

It Rings If You Like (Daum Webtoon)

A love story between JoJo and Sunho, where life is not in their favor. A new app advertises that if there is a person who likes you within 10m of your vicinity, your phone will ring. JoJo hooks up with Sunho, who is known to be a supermodel, but JoJo’s cousin is angered because she also likes Sunho. JoJo’s mother left JoJo in custody of JoJo’s cousin’s house, leaving her with a huge debt to pay for her aunt. Jojo tries to work off the debt by working in her aunt’s supermarket, but it does little to impress her aunt. Unable to endure JoJo’s cousin’s reaction, she tries to find a way to stop liking Sunho. Her closest friend gives her a shield card that helps to hide her feelings away from someone she likes, this is almost impossible to get rid of. When she goes to school the next day, Sunho is angered by JoJo’s sudden change of action, he grows mad from fury and leaves her alone with a mess. Sunho’s best friend, Hae-Yong, is also in love with JoJo. However, Hae-Young’s mother is working in Sunho’s house as a maid so relations won’t work out if he showed his feelings for JoJo. After a long time, HaeYoung shows his feelings for JoJo and doesn’t care about his phone not ringing because JoJo doesn’t like him. He just wants to send the message that he does and wants hers to ring the most and to wish her great happiness. Things starts to twist around when JoJo and Sunho meet again at a television show. JoJo’s secret of the shield is finally told to Sunho and Sunho hasn’t folded his feelings for JoJo since high school. Will their love ever work out?

Nabilera (Daum Webtoon)

A heart-touching story between a grandfather and a boy, Lee ChaeLock, having reached his old age, wishes to make his wish of becoming a ballerino come true. His family harshly rejects the grandfather’s wish of becoming a ballerino out of embarrassment. An academy for ballet finally accepts the grandfather. The grandfather has been keeping his body healthy with exercises every morning and night. Lee ChaeLock, the academy’s best, is told to instruct the grandfather at a specialized academy in ballet, MyeonGyukGook corps de ballet. Problems occur as the boy learns of the grandfather’s Alzheimer’s disease. The family slowly tries to accept the grandfather’s wish while the boy helps the grandfather achieve his dream. As time goes, the attacks from the Alzheimer’s disease worsens, jeopardizing whether or not the grandfather can perform in a ballet show. Will the grandfather be able to achieve his dream before the disease gets him?

A short little comic a day will help lower stress from school, providing a break to keep stressful tests out of the mind for a bit. But the excitement for the next chapter is a little stressful.