CoCo: Movie Review


What would it feel like if your dream was rejected by your whole family?

Miguel is a young boy who dreams of becoming a musician. He learned to sing and play the guitar. Despite his great passion, due to his great-grandfather leaving his family for music, Miguel is banned from singing in the talent show. To prevent his participation, his grandmother destroys Miguel’s guitar, so Miguel resorts to stealing a guitar from his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz’s, crypt and finds himself at the Land of the Dead. There, he meets a friend named Hector and learns of the true story behind his family’s history.

Though some dismiss this movie as a children’s animation, the movie “CoCo” by Disney illustrates many important lessons about family. The movie consistently expresses how “Nothing is more important than family,” and also reminds readers to, “Follow your heart, seize your moment.” Through this encouragement, it illustrates a lesson that they should not always follow what others tell you to do but instead to follow what you want.

The movie has woven in many aspects of Mexican culture. Half of the dialogue and songs are in Spanish and many Mexican events are featured. The songs include “Remember Me” and “Un Poco Loco.” In the movie, Hector wrote a song, “un poco loco,” which means a little crazy, for his wife, Imelda; “The Remember Me” was famous because of Ernesto de la Cruz. However, the song was actually written by Hector for his daughter, Coco.

The bright colors of the clothes and building contrast greatly with the dark setting of the land of the dead where skeletons are walking past. The party hosted by Ernesto de la Cruz was filled with vibrant colors.

In the Land of Dead, those who are forgotten disappear; so Miguel tries his hardest to go back to his family and make Coco, his great-grandmother, remember Hector. The highlight of the movie takes place when Miguel sings, “Remember Me” to his great-grandmother Coco. The song helped Miguel’s family finally accept his love for music and for Coco to remember her father, Hector.

According to The Korea Daily, Coco has three million views just in Korea. In just twenty five days, Coco has touched the hearts all of its viewers from young children to adults.