ThinkHer Makes Their First Mark at SIS


With the recent #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, feminism has been on the rise once again, and it is no surprise that this revolution has also come to meet the SIS student body. ThinkHer, SIS’s unofficial feminism club, is now determined to spread awareness throughout the community.

“I have a lot of hope and expectations for ThinkHer because it is a huge step for the SIS community to embrace values regarding gender equality,” said Yoon Lim (11), a member of ThinkHer. “I am very excited for the SIS community to take a step forward in response to the changing Korean society reflected by the ongoing #MeToo movement.”

For their first project, the members of ThinkHer provided free pads and tampons in the female restrooms. The club has been receiving positive feedback and praise for promoting the simple but important message about the high cost of feminine hygiene products. This project is also one step closer to getting rid of the stigma that comes with periods.

“With the first project we hoped to normalize the talk to periods and women’s health in general,” said Minyoung Huh (10), an executive member of ThinkHer. “We notice a lot of women tend to feel ashamed of their bodies in regards to periods even though it is just an uncontrollable biological process.”

Although it had started as a medium to endorse gender equality, the feminist movement has now garnered a negative connotation, often being perceived as “man-hating.” ThinkHer plans to change this and continues to try and encourage male students to also join the movement.

“The executives and members are very aware of the negative perceptions of feminism throughout the school, media, and just in general,” said Kendall Sadler, the advisor of ThinkHer. “Because of this, the club is trying to build a reputation of positive change to promote gender equality without being aggressive and hostile.”

With more upcoming projects on the way such as Denim Day, which is celebrated to raise awareness about sexual assault, ThinkHer is not leaving SIS anytime soon. As ThinkHer has extreme potential to flourish in the SIS community, students and faculty excitedly anticipate their future endeavors.