Mu Alpha Theta Places Successfully in the NEAMC and Log1 Contest


Members of Mu Alpha Theta (MAT) placed successfully in the Log1 Contest and in the North East Asian Mathematics Competition (NEAMC). SIS placed second overall in the Log1 Contest, which held three tests throughout the school year, and first overall in the NEAMC, which was held on March 1-4 at Dulwich College Seoul.

“I was very pleased with how the juniors and the Theta performed,” said Marna Knoer, MAT advisor. “They were consistently doing a good job; everybody tried very hard and worked very hard, and that was the basis for their success. SIS placed second overall in the Log1 Contest and was awarded around $200. SIS placed first at NEAMC.”

The Log1 Contest held three rounds throughout the school year. Members of Mu Alpha Theta were divided into Mu, Alpha, and Theta divisions based on the mathematics course they currently take. After each round in the contest, schools submitted the two highest scores from each division for each round, and the aggregate sum of the submitted scores at the end of the third round determined each school’s ranking.

“The Log1 marks my first official accomplishment after becoming a high school student and as a member of the math club,” said Thomas, winner in Theta division of the Log1 contest. “I feel satisfied with my results because I had worked hard and studied for the test prior to the test dates. The rather relaxed atmosphere of the competition, which gave me a chance to relax while taking the test, surprised me. I also thought it was very fun because after each round, our scores were updated on the website, and we could see how well we did compared to others, giving a sense of thrill for the next round.”

On March 1-4, 12 students participated in the NEAMC. William Seo (11), Brian Lee (11), Jio Jeong (11), Brandon Oh (11), Taehoon Kim (11), and Chris Lee (10) were part of the two teams for the senior division. Thomas Song (9), Brian Ham (9), Jiwon Lee (9), Jiho Park (8), Wooseok Kim (8), and Yerin Kim (8) were part of the two representative teams for the junior division. At NEAMC, students participated in a total of nine rounds. In 7 categories overall, SIS won 12 gold, 14 silver, and 7 bronze medals. The school placed first out of 19 schools that participated. Seven students from SIS qualified for the World Math Championship in Melbourne.

“It was interesting to participate against strangers because I had no idea how good they were,” William said. “I also liked how the contest had was split into nine different rounds, each of which tested a different skill. NEAMC was a good experience overall.”