Sports: Year in review


Beginning the school year with fall sports and marking the end of the school year with spring sports, SIS athletes have accomplished astonishing achievements throughout the 17-18 sports season. In hopes of continuing the successful results that have followed this year, the Tigers are already keeping their hopes high in preparation for another prosperous year in the 18-19 sports season.

The varsity boys and girls volleyball teams were able to continue their legacy of having a prosperous season despite having a relatively new team. The boys placed third in the AISA tournament and second in all conference games and ultimately, took home the title as KAIAC tournament champions. The girls placed fourth in the AISA tournament and second in all conference games, while they were titled third in the KAIAC tournament. Likewise, varsity boys and girls tennis teams yielded astonishing results after losing many of their key players. The tennis team faced their first struggle of not being able to participate in the AISA tournament this season, but nonetheless, earned the title of runner-ups against champions in their very first Dragon Cup tournament held in Beijing. Our varsity boys and girls cross-country teams were able to maintain their vigorous team spirit. In the AISA and KAIAC tournaments, two players of the SIS cross-country team placed their names in the top 20 players of the race, and three players were able to place their names in the top 20 players throughout all conference races.

“The last season was one of the best tennis season I’ve ever experienced out of my four years on the team,” said Cinji Lee (12), varsity tennis player. “We had a bond like no other – we were a family. Whether it was rooting for other players while they were playing their games’ with fiery remarks, or comforting one another during one’s losses, we always had each other’s back. My last season made me realize how important our bond, as a team was not just our victories and the numbers that lead up to them. I couldn’t be happier with the results that our team produced, and the team itself I am proud of our achievements, and looking back, I would definitely do it all again if I had the chance.”

For the varsity boys and girls basketball teams, this season may be remembered as one of their most historically significant season among all the past seasons. The boys placed second in the AISA tournament with a one-point difference and were titled as both all conference game champions and KAIAC tournament champions. Similarly, girls placed second in the AISA tournament, ranked second in the KAIAC tournament, and were named as all conference game champions without a single loss. The varsity cheer team unfortunately struggled due to the loss of many veteran players; nevertheless, the team displayed secure synergy and school spirit throughout the season.

“Reflecting back at my first year as a member of the varsity cheerleading team, memorable moments and various emotions filled my head,” said Angelica Eun (9), a varsity cheerleader. “From the very first practice when our coaches noted us about the importance of being a workable and dedicated member of a team to my very first KAIAC competition at SFS. Hastily going into our dance positions from a stunt, I learned that it was essential for us to put aside our differences as an individual and cooperate together as a team, a whole. I was very inexperienced but through trust, positivity and dedication that were built throughout the season, I was able to overcome my setbacks and progress forward. I had so much fun practicing this season and I look forward to cheerleading in the upcoming season.”

The varsity boys and girls soccer team experienced rather contrasting seasons this year. Losing more than half of their starting players, the boys struggled throughout the season but were able to maintain their perseverance, ranking third in all conference games, third in the AISA tournament, and fifth in the KAIAC tournament. With a stronger and more experienced team compared to last year, the girls were able to place third in all conference games and second in both the AISA and KAIAC tournaments. Traditionally a strong team, the varsity boys and girls swim team achieved astonishing results throughout this season by placing third overall in the KAIAC tournament and being named the champions of the AISA tournament this year.

“Many people consider swimming a so-called individual sport, but I think my experience this year with the varsity swim team disproves this statement. I really enjoyed being on the team, where everyone is supportive, encouraging and always helping you to do your best and go past your limit. I developed into a better swimmer, a friend and an individual throughout the season with the help of my team,” said Kevin Lee (10), varsity swimmer.