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On May 31, executives of clubs were given details about the upcoming club orientation session, which aims to help new students and rising freshmen better understand clubs before applying for membership. In addition to these announcements, James Gerhard, high school principal, also introduced initiatives regarding leadership and commitment.

The annual orientation will take place after school hours on Aug. 16, the first day of school. Students will visit each club’s assigned room, where the executives will introduce the club by providing basic information like major activities and meeting dates. Afterwards, students will be asked to submit applications for the clubs they wish to join within the first few weeks of school, containing questions on the applicant’s intentions, skills, and potential that they can dedicate to the club. Some clubs like the forensics team or Model United Nations will also require a supplementary interview or speech. Based on the applications, club executives will select which students should be accepted as members.

Members will be expected to attend weekly meetings and special events like competitions, community service, and fundraising. Clubs will begin their year by participating in the annual Family Fun Day, an opportunity to earn money for the club.

Several changes are coming to the club leadership policies next year. One such change is the leadership academy. Executives will be asked to attend leadership summits, where advisors and fellow executives can offer constructive ideas on how to improve leadership style. Commitment to clubs will also be reinforced and incumbent executives may be asked to resign if standards are not met. Such policies may ensure individual commitment to clubs, resulting in the full functionality of the community.

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