Fall sports seasons begin


Starting the new school year, fall athletes jumped right into tryouts on Aug. 17, eager to show their skills in front of the coaches and peers. Fall sports consist of cross-country, tennis, and volleyball. Among the three sports, more than 100 students tried out, everyone hoping to gain a position on a varsity or junior varsity team.

“As always, I expect the athletes to have a fun, safe time,” said Ivan Atanaskovic, athletics and activities coordinator. “That is, I hope the teams have fun, but still produce good results. There are a lot of events planned out for all the teams, so I am looking forward to a great year.”

Cross-country is known to be one of the most strenuous sports, demanding rigorous training, complex workouts, and endless energy. With new coaches, Coach Alden, Coach Shelby, and Coach Kurbel, come new drills and techniques. One thing is certain though: the students are to run constant laps around the school soccer field as well as outside campus under the scorching sun. Unlike other school sports, cross-country does not have set positions for the athletes, giving them room to improve. Disregarding age, runners are ranked based on their time, which determines their position on either the varsity or junior varsity team.

“I’ve been on the team for four years already” said Brian Lee (12), varsity cross- country runner. “As a senior, I want to spend more time with the underclassmen and make some good memories. I have always had fun with this team and I hope the new runners and the coaches all get along well.”

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports among SIS athletes, with over 50 students vying for a spot on the team. Following the addition of new players, both varsity and junior varsity teams have to work together to build team chemistry. The boys and girls varsity teams sadly lost their first friendly game on Aug. 25, but are determined to learn from their mistakes and bring home good results for this season.

“As this year is my first year as a varsity volleyball player, I’m looking forward to getting to know the seniors and creating an atmosphere where everyone can work well together” said Jackie Lim (11), varsity girls volleyball player. “I’m really excited to be apart of the varsity team.”

Unlike other fall sports, the tennis team has to step outside of school to practice. Even though the students either play singles or doubles, their team bond is as strong as that of any other team sport. With Coach Tyvand and Coach Green assisting the players during practice, the varsity tennis team is expected to achieve success in future games and tournaments. The varsity tennis team is to attend their first friendly game at SFS on Aug. 29.

“Even though the tennis is really an individual or partner sport, our team atmosphere and spirit is higher than most teams in my opinion,” said Ryan Hyun (11), varsity tennis player. “That is one of the many things I love about this team.”

Overall, most athletes are excited and eager to participate in the upcoming games and to return victorious to SIS. With a few team changes, athletes are willing to adjust and create a positive atmosphere to work out and bond with one another.