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Three fun fall activities for autumn lovers in South Korea

  1. Lotte World Halloween festival

Unlike America, South Korea does not have a big culture of trick-or-treating and dressing up in costumes. But Lotte World offers this treat. What sets Lotte World apart from other theme parks with Halloween festivals is the frighteningly realistic makeup and costumes of zombies and ghosts. An additional benefit is the variety of activities and unique goods offered, such as face painting and cherryade drinks in vampire blood bags. What attracts people the most, however, is the open and free atmosphere of Lotte World, where friends dress up and join random people also at the amusement park. Complete strangers take pictures together and post them on Lotte World’s public Facebook page, becoming social media friends. This amusement park is one of the few places in South Korea where you can immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit.


  1. Naksan Park

Looking for a romantic place where you can go with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife? Then Naksan Park definitely is your go-to choice. This park gained more fame after it appeared in the nationally adored television program “Heart Signal.” It boasts a beautiful walking trail and a charming nighttime view and sunset. Walking along the trail, you can breathe in the cool and crispy autumn air and listen to the healing sound of leaves crunching under your feet. The park is also a great photo zone, especially in the fall when orange leaves decorate the ground. Couples enjoy dressing in matching knit sweaters and taking pictures.


  1. Nanji Han River Park

People go to Nanji Han River Park at any time of the year, but fall is when you will have the most activities to enjoy in perfect weather. There are many families, friends, and couples having picnics and renting tents where they can eat Han River’s all-time favorite foods: fried chicken, ramen, and barbecue. Along with plenty of open space to play sports, like Frisbee and soccer, there is a skateboard park and a mountain bike course. Especially in the fall when the weather is just right, there are several singing and dancing performances.

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