Free from applications: what now?


After pressing the submit button on their college applications, the senior class students have become liberated from the pressure-cooking deadlines and extreme competition. With this new sense of heightened freedom, these soon to be adults engage in various activities, many of which were shunned during the busy application admissions season.

“I have noticed a certain lack of motivation or falling behind with senior class students, especially of my AP classes,” said James Tyvand, AP World History teacher. “Now that the application process is completed, I just want to say congratulations to all senior class students who have pulled through. I hope these students show an increased level of participation during the second semester.”

Senior class students celebrate their sense of liberation through various means, including sleeping. By taking well-deserved breaks, these worn out students have gotten a good night’s sleep filled with dreams of acceptance to their target schools. With senior class students sleeping at three to four o’clock every morning, the lack of sleep and rest has put tremendous amounts of stress on these individuals over the months ever since school has begun. The end of the long process has been rewarding as several students fall asleep, aware that they have earned it.

“Although I’m still worried about the impending results, it’s great to know that I’ve done my best and don’t need to stay up in the morning on weekends to edit my drafts for the millionth time,” said Yoon Lim (12). “Ever since I’ve completed my apps, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family by going on family trips, hanging out with my friends, reading and watching a lot of movies, and many more to come.”

The increase in room to have fun allows several senior class students to focus on themselves, whether it is physical or mental care. They can do activities which were considered “banned” during the application season. Reading books of their choice, which were pushed back on their agendas, have become a priority as well as searching for an obscure yet palatable restaurant or cafe amongst the alleys of Myeongdong. With deadlines gone, students also seek quality time to invest in matters worthwhile such as going to art exhibitions or watching theatrical performances with their friends. A plethora of activities are in stock for these senior class students to complete, reigning in excitement for the students.

“Since I finished my apps, I feel as though I could truly spend time for myself and treat myself better compared to during the application season,” said Austin Jeong (12). “I am beginning to start new lessons on the saxophone, an instrument I had always wished to play and I finally get to pursue a serious love life, something I am looking forward to.”

While celebrations of the end of the application season has begun, there are certain responsibilities amongst senior class students’ AP classes as well as their extracurriculars, whether they be duties as an executive member of a club or a captain of a sport. With several senior students taking four to five AP courses, the pressure to complete them adequately still rests on their shoulders and burdens them despite applications for universities being completed. The grades of these students are still of importance, and to maintain at an adequate level requires effort and time which have been stripped of so far due to the admissions process but with the deadlines past, these senior class students can dedicate themselves to their academic studies more than previously.