Advanced Sports and Recreation promotes students’ wellbeing


As a fresh new year start for the SIS’ Advanced Sports and Recreation class, students primarily comprised of juniors and seniors recently went on a series of off-campus bowling trips as part of the class curriculum to experience other areas of sports that are not accessible at school. By taking a break from the stressful school year, students were able to enjoy their time away from school and to solely focus on their mental and physical wellbeing.

“We, as coaches of the PE department, attempt to allow students to look beyond the traditional sports of soccer, volleyball, or basketball, and to step out of their comfort zone through physical activities like bowling,” said Ricky Green, Head of Physical Education. “While bowling may not be as active as the aforementioned sports, it certainly brings a social aspect of communicating with people and promotes positive friendly competition amongst students. By going off campus once in a while also benefit the students’ mental state and wellbeing which is crucial.”

Advanced Sports and Recreation is a new class created this school year in order to promote a more active and vigorous lifestyle within the school for seniors. By providing the students the opportunity to experiment with multiple areas in sports, their overall fitness improved amidst the pressuring deadlines, assessments, and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, these students were able to learn in depth about the anatomy of the human body and its connections to physical activities by wearing heart rate monitors and fitness gadgets which provided students an educational benefit as well. Students from these classes not only went on frequent bowling trips but also went on hikes and planned upcoming trips related to winter fitness activities including ice skating. All Advanced Sports classes attended these bowling trips at Garden5, a shopping center nearby school, throughout the first week of January, at varying time periods ranging from office hours to class time.

“Whenever I am in Advanced Sports I feel as if I am taking a break from the academic portion of the school,” said Michelle Cho (12). “It’s a valuable and enjoyable experience to hang out with my friends and to truly have fun outside the competitive school environment. There are times when I forget it’s a class where grades are given out, and often the higher expectations regarding the level of skill and ability the classes require seem to provide a challenge for me.”

After two years of mandatory physical education, students are given a choice of whether or not they wish to continue taking P.E. as a class. With the option of Advanced Sports and Recreation available, juniors and seniors are allowed to select this class for recreational merit and receive a grade at the end of each semester—like any other class. While some members of the student body have deemed Advanced Sports as unnecessary, certain students enjoy exploring their boundaries through physical education and earn a higher level of education through sports. While physical education classes require less studying and memorization of facts, it is as equally challenging as any other class, with the sole difference that it is a physical challenge.

“Even though Advanced Sports class is generally composed of seniors, taking it during junior year is remarkable to experience every time I attend,” said Andrea Shin (11). “Advanced Sports and Recreation is a period where students and teachers get to have fun and also learn new techniques that are crucial in life such as CPR training.”

With the top scorer out of all the rounds being Mr. Green himself, the most recent bowling trip was topped off with a trip to a nearby Starbucks, where students rewarded themselves with drinks and snacks after several rounds of bowling.