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Three sites with beautiful cherry blossoms



Walkerhill Hotel is famous for its annual spring festival. At Walkerhill, people can breathe the fresh air of Han River while appreciating the beautiful scenery with their loved ones. It is an ideal place for a family excursion, as different age groups can experience pleasurable activities, including the wine and beer fairs and the art market. Walkerhill also has a strawberry farm nearby, where children can pick strawberries to make jam. Regardless of age, anyone can enjoy delicious snacks, such as salad, chicken, ice cream, sausages, and pizza, served near the site of cherry blossom. The uniquely private yet lively atmosphere is a distinguishing characteristic of Walkerhill that appeals to many visitors.


Located in the center of Seoul, Yangjaecheon exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere. Lining the riverside of Yangjaecheon are rows of cherry blossom trees, from white to rosy pink. The fragrance of these flowers and the peaceful sound of the river fill the air, making it a perfect place to visit for a light, refreshing stroll. Food trucks, ball pools, and markets add to the fun. After engaging in the various activities, one may enjoy a cup of coffee at a nearby shop located in the neighborhood. At night, rainbow lights illuminate the walking trail. Although Yangjaecheon is typically not too crowded, it is recommended that one visit the stream on a weekday to have a more privatized experience.


At Namsan, cherry blossoms tend to bloom relatively late compared to other places, making it the perfect destination for anyone who missed the peak of the blooming season. To truly enjoy the spring scenery, one may choose to walk up the hill instead of taking the bus or the cable car to the main attraction site, Namsan tower. From the tower’s observatory, one may get a breathtaking eagle’s eye view of Seoul or purchase heart-shaped padlocks inscribed with their wishes to attach to railings on the way back down.

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