Students familiarize themselves with new facilities, new rules


Over the past summer break, SIS has gone through major renovations, including the creation of new facilities, rules, and resources for students. For example, previously the only printers in the school were in the IT office. Now multiple printers are located on every floor in the high school building, which has made printing more accessible and convenient for students. In addition, the newly issued ID cards have allowed high schoolers to easily utilize the printing resources. With these new and improved supplies, the educational environment for students has been upgraded.

“I think the printers are convenient since they are on each floor,” Angela Kim (10) said. “Although it is kind of confusing, I feel like it is very comfortable because I always had to wait in a long line in the IT office when I had assignments due that were supposed to be printed. I am glad that I do not have to do that now.”

Along with new resources available to students, new rules have also been implemented. A variety of instructions for work study, dress codes, tardies, absences, and more have been implemented. Students who have a work study class, for instance, are not allowed to go to leave the floor that their work study classroom is located on during that period. Additionally, the school has begun to more strictly enforce student dress codes. Furthermore, a harsher tardiness rule has been implemented: three tardies will now count as one absence, thus limiting the number of tardies that a student can receive for one class. Students have also signed tech contracts, agreeing that they will not film or record others without permission. The school now has increased student privacy. The application and enforcement of these rules will help prevent the repetition of the same problems during this school year.

“I believe the new rules allow for the students to be more responsible with their actions and to be more aware regarding their consequences for their actions,” Erin Lee (11) said. “This allows for better student-teacher relationships and allows students to be trusted more with their actions.”

Although students may not ubiquitously favor the new rules that the school has created, the intention is clear that they are to facilitate a better learning environment. New resources for students have noticeably started assisting the student body, as displayed by many students utilizing the printers on the floors, for instance.

“Tech contracts have always been kind of understood, but as it became increasingly common among students to just record students without permission, it became clear that we needed something to help students,” said Gray Macklin, high school vice principal. “For example, in club parties, students reported that they got filmed and felt uncomfortable. Students should not be in a position where they are concerned about filming without their permission. It requires a lot of responsibility for students and promotes more respect, and we provided new resources because we know we can trust the student body.”

Enhanced resources and more efficient rules incorporated into the school system are expected to lead to a more organized and well advised atmosphere for students to study, interact with others, and have a convenient school life.