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Big Bang makes controversial comeback on Coachella Stage


While many fans were delighted to hear that the Big Bang members were planning on returning to their original job as singers after their mandatory military service, many were also bitter because of the numerous allegations surrounding this legendary group. During the 18 months that G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung, and T.O.P served in the military, lots of Seungri’s offenses, which shocked the citizens across the country, were revealed. Not being able to overcome the guilt of committing a major crime, Seungri retired from the entertainment industry, leaving Big Bang as a group of four. It was announced that they would make their first comeback on the Coachella stage on Apr. 10 and 17.  

“I am very sad and disappointed that we can’t watch Seungri’s amazing energy on stage, laugh about his humorous story times, and feel the same affection that we felt toward him,” said Erin Park (10), a former Big Bang fan. “However, I believe that he made the right decision to leave rather than stay, since he caused enough harm to Big Bang and its members. I believe that by the time Big Bang members reunite, they will begin to write more songs and become even stronger than before. I hope they can move along with their career for the fans who are waiting.” 

There is a rare combination of effort, talent, and luck behind the secret to Big Bang’s international fame. G-Dragon and Taeyang started their life as trainees together in 2000 with the hip-hop entertainment company YG. They made their debut with three other members in 2006 as a group of five. Their popularity exponentially ascended day-by-day, year-by-year, and the international community started to acknowledge their musical ability. By becoming the first K-pop group to be recognized outside of Korea, the group opened up the path for other K-pop groups to advance internationally, whether it be in Japan, South-East Asian countries, or further into the Americas and Europe. The group brought up the previously unknown company, YG, to the upper echelons of entertainment companies in South Korea. 

“Big Bang seemed ahead of their time in terms of their discography and industry presence,” said Katie Lee (10), a student who spent her childhood listening to Big Bang. “Each of the members of Big Bang have their own distinct talents and traits, and together they were able to form an unconventional and unique group. Their synergy on stage was unforgettably fascinating every time I watched them perform in their concerts. Big Bang was able to remodel the K-pop industry with their experimentalism and were able to open many paths for third generation K-pop groups today.”

Since Big Bang has had such a big influence on the South Korean entertainment industry, their comeback stirred up a lot of controversy. At this point, the CEO of their company, Yang Hyun-suk, and their previous group member, Seungri, are still being investigated. It may be too fast for the group to make their comeback when all the conflicts have not all settled. On the other hand, this might be the perfect time for Big Bang to make a fresh start, setting aside all past conflicts.

“I think putting aside all past regrets, conflicts, and hate and having a fresh start is the right thing to do,” said Rachel Lee, a fan of K-pop.” “Nothing lasts forever, just like the lyrics to G-Dragon’s song “Crooked.” Although the remaining four members aren’t entirely innocent when it comes to crimes, they all faced consequences for what they did. Coachella would be an appropriate start to a new chapter of their careers.”


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