Concerns regarding cancellation of school events rise amidst spread of Coronavirus


Since its initiation in December, the Coronavirus, COVID-19, has been spreading rapidly across the country. The concerns regarding COVID-19 is, in fact, led to the discussion of canceling major events traditionally held at SIS every year, such as prom and graduation. While graduation may still take place in the month of May, prom has already been canceled, disappointing many seniors who longed for a memorable way to end their high school careers.

“I was definitely be disappointed when I heard the news about canceling prom –– and maybe graduation as well –– since these events were the main opportunities for us to commemorate the end of our high school careers in a special way,” said Christine Lee (12). “Yet, at the same time, I understand that canceling these events is the right choice since safety is most important especially during dire times like this.” 

Prom, an end of the year school dance held among seniors and few underclassmen, was held every year to give seniors an opportunity to conclude their high school years in an exciting and memorable way. However, after the COVID-19 spread to a majority of regions around the world, SIS, along with other schools, made the decision that prom would be canceled for this school year. Such a decision left numerous seniors –– especially those who have prepared for and looked forward to this event for months –– disappointed. 

“Canceling prom was an emotionally difficult, yet only practical decision for us to make,” said Nathan Warkentin, HSSC Adviser. “For a while, the HSSC tried to think of alternative ways to host prom, but these ideas, unfortunately, got unrealistic very quickly. While I apologize to seniors who may have been disappointed by this sudden news, I also want to remind them to try to maintain a positive mindset during difficult times like this and be grateful for what we have now.”

In addition to prom, the 2020 graduation –– an event meant for awarding each senior with a diploma to officially end their high school journey –– may also be canceled to prevent the risks of spreading the Coronavirus. This prediction, too, is disappointing many people, especially seniors who longed for a way to celebrate their transition into college and properly gain recognition for their achievements in high school. 

“I immediately got worried when I heard the announcement that graduation is likely to be canceled because I have been looking forward to this event throughout high school,” said Kristina Hyunseo Kim (12). “However, I am not yet upset since the official announcement that graduation is canceled has not yet been released. I am still full of hope that we will have a graduation, since the situation with the Coronavirus may settle by then.”