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Editorial: In Retrospect


With only very little time remaining before the school year ends, we seniors are tasked with bidding farewell to SIS virtually and impersonally. In spite of this anticlimactic culmination to our four years of high school, it has been a journey that all of us nonetheless will cherish as we embark on the next chapters of our lives. High school at SIS has hardly been easy, with the pressure of academic excellence always upon us, but that is not to say we are not grateful for everything that it has offered us—lessons that will enrich our lives for years to come.  

We would first like to thank Mr. Coleman, the adviser of Tiger Times during our sophomore and junior years. Aside from his journalism-savvy advice, his inclination to propel personal growth within each and every one of the reporters is something we all have genuinely appreciated. To Ms. Grant; we are certain the transition was far from simple to navigate. However, in spite of this difficulty, she consistently generated ideas for this organization’s growth, and she always sought to incorporate our ideas in her vision for TT. And to Mr. Colaianni, Dr. Gerhard, Mr. Macklin, Mr. Schneider, and the rest of the staff, thank you for always being the first to pick up our newspapers, provide your input, and consistently support our ideas. It has been very meaningful working with everyone involved in the production of each issue.

Over the last three years, Tiger Times has undoubtedly seen a lot of change; from fresh columns to new staff members, dynamic transitions have constantly inked our pages. Nevertheless, its purpose has always remained the same: to engage with current events and address both the school and student body. 

For seniors, Tiger Times has not only been a collection of mini-races to meet deadlines, but also a reflective journey providing valuable time for growth. With every issue, we actively engaged in discussing global and local events, exchanging opinions through multiple perspectives and extending our support to underclassmen who were beginning their transition into the world of journalism. We have encountered criticism, controversy, censorship, and countless other obstacles all under the looming pressure of deadlines. And yet, through it all, we have grown to become perceptive journalists with a broadened scope of view.

When we first walked into Tiger Times as intimidated, clueless sophomores, we learned by watching and leaning on our editors. They managed to get us to Pyeongchang during the Olympics to publish an entire additional issue. They patted us on the back and conferenced with us after school when our first Extended Viewpoint pieces were turned down by our advisers. They were the ones we turned to in times of crisis, ranging from a published typo to a disapproving administration. We can only hope that we pushed through this strange year in the same way.

So as with every year, it is now time for the current editorial board to hand on the torch to next year’s team. With all the uncertainties and falsities permeating the media today, we hope that the new Tiger Times staff will continue to critically examine and speak the truth regarding issues most pertinent to our student body. We hope that as editors, upperclassmen, and mentors, we have prepared the upcoming editors to not only set deadlines and enforce style guides, but also to help younger journalists recognize that they, and no one else, have the platform to invoke change in our school community.

Co-Editors in Chief,

Andy Yoon, Sia Cho, and E Ju Ro