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Voting-by-Mail saves the upcoming 2020 election from the coronavirus pandemic


The novel coronavirus has affected Americans not just on the surface, but on a deeper level. With the continuation of the 2020 state primary and caucus events, it became clearly apparent that public safety is the main priority. However, with in-person voting, this method obstructed the whole purpose of social distancing and imposed state lockdowns, further exposing everyone in the public from current dangers it may pose. Without having to put many lives potentially in jeopardy, casting a ballot would be much safer to operate with the voting-by-mail alternative. This was the best possible plan implemented in order to take the place of the in-person voting method. As it would more or less guarantee the moving progress to run smoothly, this guide is an important step to move towards the right direction. Moreover, this alternative would be functioning as a way to vote in a safe and secure environment, allowing for more insight following the coronavirus pandemic clearly affecting Americans. 

This voting-by-mail method is one of the only options left since there is a limitation as to how far the election process would work out. It is clearly apparent that this is a highly urgent issue presented about dealing with the fall election in November. Even figuring out everything in a timely manner itself is stressful enough, but with the circumstances of the pandemic, the difficulties in determining the voting situation became another concern that has been mounted. 

Clearly, there have been flaws and concerns regarding the mail-in voting. Some argue that there were multiple mistakes pointed out regarding the election, mentioning that it would be extremely hard to carry out this new method, as not many states are experienced with the form of mail-in voting and not much prior knowledge was presented with this surge of in-mail voting. Only a few states are experienced and familiar with the system of mail-in voting like Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Utah, and Hawaii. Therefore, this makes it much harder to be mastered before the fall election. Also, many critics are skeptical about the validity and safety of the mail ballots, and how this would be regulated properly. Donald Trump recently had mentioned his opposition to mail-in votes as they would increase the number of electoral crimes to ensue.

Still, many others believe that with mail-in voting, there would be ways to check the validity of ballots with signature checks that would be an effective way of tracking security concerns. Since these mail-in ballots also leave their record behind with a trail, it could allow for a recount if needed.  

In conclusion, this option would be effective with the implementation of numerous factors that could make this successful. Minimizing the fraud mailed-in votes is important to consider, as the influence of a spouse or family member could skew the votes. Detecting this illegal behavior, although extremely hard amidst the crisis, should be done to some extent for a better election, overall. Such fixes and suggestions could be taken into action to make the voting-by-mail option to the best of its capabilities, without having to endanger or put many people at risk. In the end, all that is being proposed is for a safe election environment to be guaranteed in the 2020 election even amid the pandemic. 

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