Club Envision organizes activities for Earth Day


Earth Day is just around the corner, and Envision (Environmental-vision), the student-led environmental organization club, is planning multiple activities for the kindergarten students. With the increasing alarm over climate change and the newly emerging diseases in recent years, executive members of the club are hoping to raise awareness of the Earth and the environment by hosting an arts and crafts session and a brief presentation on sustaining nature. Essentially, the craft session will include making miniature figures of nature-related items such as leaves, mountains, and flowers, painting fingerprints, and more.  According to Sarah Yim (10), founder of Envision, the purpose of organizing this activity is for children to understand and appreciate the natural environment around them. To promote these activities, members of Envision recently recorded a podcast that will be released on Thursday, April 22.


Triston Lee (10) and Amber Cheun (10) are presenting about the Earth Day

Sarah Yim (10) is preparing for the painting activity