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Apple’s iPad Pro ad receives backlash from viewers

Source: Apple

Apple’s new advertisement for the upcoming iPad Pro sparked controversy among viewers for their disrespect towards creative equipment. Released on May 8, the ad portrayed a hydraulic press crushing down materials such as a piano, record player, and an arcade video game in order to emphasize that the new model of the iPad Pro is thinner than its predecessors. 

Users on X commented that while the ad itself was a creative concept and good execution, it made them sad. They also stated that they could not relate to the video at all, as it mocked creators rather than honoring the merits of creative instruments. 

Reza Sixo Safai, an American director, posted a reversed version of the ad on X with a caption that said, “Hey Apple, I fixed it for you.” 

“It’s a bit weird,” Chloe Park (9), amateur artist, says. “I get that it’s trying to say that you can do everything with the iPad, but it’s also saying that all of the other objects are kind of useless.”


The new iPad Pro is set to be launched on May 15, 2024. 

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