Claudia Ribeyro, Spanish teacher

Despite having a diverse background from both American continents, Claudia Ribeyro, Spanish teacher, is excited for an entirely new experience in Korea. This being her first time living in an Asian country, Ms. Ribeyro conducted extensive online research in order to better understand Korean culture. By learning Korean and familiarizing herself with Korean customs through watching YouTube videos, Ms. Ribeyro had a smoother transition to living in Seoul.


Born in Peru, Ms. Ribeyro moved to North America for her work. Previously, she has taught in Florida, New York and Maryland, and has simultaneously worked as a medical interpreter for Johns Hopkins University. Having always been an adventurer, Ms. Ribeyro feels that teaching is the best way to spread her Peruvian culture. As a result, she decided to teach Spanish, which she considers a vital part of her identity. She is currently teaching Spanish 3, Spanish 4 and AP Spanish to high school students while also tutoring middle school students.

“Korea’s educational aspect and Confucian traditions are all new, interesting customs for me,” Ms. Ribeyro said. “I can’t wait to fully learn the language and go though another stimulating learning experience.”