Geoklan Ker, Chinese teacher

Geoklan Ker, Chinese teacher, taught Chinese in a public school in Singapore and in an international school in Thailand before deciding to teach in Korea. Her decision was mainly influenced by her want to experience a new culture, especially Korea’s food and language. She was also intrigued by its similarities with Thailand, especially in its respect for elders. She hopes to spend at least three years in Korea to fully understand the country.

Formerly involved in a Chinese instrument club with her students in Singapore, Ms. Ker was the supervisor for students who played the Guzheng, a Chinese string instrument, and also coordinated various community service activities in Thailand. As the supervisor of the newly formed Culture Club along with Christina Choi, she hopes to learn Korean from the club members.

“I never stop learning in my job,” Ms. Ker said, “Working with enthusiastic students whose minds are like blank canvases gives me a chance to spread my passion for teaching. The next generation is our future, and I am proud to be taking part in [their] education.”