Steven Smith, history teacher

With his family, Steven Smith moved to Korea last summer to work as a social studies teacher at SIS. Born and raised in Oregon, Mr. Smith studied history and political studies in Pitzer College and proceeded to earn a masters degree in history at the University of Oregon. After graduation, he taught history and economics for about 20 years in the Eugene International School in Oregon and has now come to Seoul to learn more about Korea’s culture and history.

His strong passion for history stemmed from his long-time interest in cultural history, which he studied throughout his college education. It has further influenced his unique classroom environment and teaching style, which he strives to make interactive and comfortable.

“I like to get students involved in discussions and activities,” Mr. Smith said. “It engages a student mind in a way that the participant in the activity is an active learning rather than passive learning.”

Aside from history and economics, Mr. Smith also enjoys playing sports such as basketball, soccer, and skiing. He loves the baseball games in Korea, hopes to make a positive impact during his stay at SIS, and looks forward to a great year.