Cindy Presse, Aquatics Director

Teaching abroad for the first time, Cindy Presse, Aquatics Director, is excited to channel her energy and passion for swimming to the SIS community as well as for yoga to the faculty. Although she had previously been exposed to many different cultures in Canada, Ms. Presse wants to experience a completely new culture by coming to Korea.

Ms. Presse has been physically active since she was young, participating in the Canadian national competition for synchronized swimming, and also playing water polo and rugby in college. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Physical and Health Education and master’s degree in Adapted Physical Activity from McGill University, Ms. Presse began participating in triathlons, a competition involving swimming, cycling and running.

In addition to her athleticism, Ms. Presse’s altruism marked the first step into her career. In her previous school at the First Nations Reserve, Ms. Presse worked not only as an elementary physical education teacher, but also as a volunteer to help adults with type-two diabetes and obesity, by spending time engaging in physical activities. As she commences her life in Korea, she is looking forward to working with students as well as participating in the Great Wall of China’s marathon later in the year.

“So far I really like the students,” said Ms. Presse. “In my past school, there were more behavioral issues and I have been pushed and punched before. But SIS seems like a whole new world. I hope to put smiles on children’s faces, especially when I teach them how to master new skills.”

Updated Sept. 25, 2014