Family Fun Day addresses issues from previous years


For the upcoming fifth annual Family Fun Day (FFD), the High School Student Council (HSSC) and High School Parent Group (HPG) has made changes to the activities and prizes available. Although the event, taking place on Sept. 27, will be smaller compared to those of previous years, it will continue to allow students, staff and family members to enjoy food and activities.

With FFD taking place during the cold season later in the year, the event will not be having water activities. Nevertheless, 29 different booths will be present, including Taekwondo, Goldfish Toss and Air Parachute, with the addition of three new ones, High Slide, Ten Seconds and Surfing. Similar to last year’s stamp system, participants will be able to earn stamps from booth activities and buy various prizes, such as earphones, K-Pop CDs and more.

According to Bason Park (12), HSSC executive president, FFD was originally cancelled, but brought back by the HPG because parents wanted their children to spend time away from academics and enjoy time with their friends.

“FFD allows middle school and elementary [students] to have fun, but the event can be [a burden] for high school students,” said Bason Park (12), executive council president. “Although its booths and games raise a lot of money for clubs, students have to pay to volunteer at their shifts and eventually do not have much fun either.”

To address this issue, the HPG will enforce a change that club members volunteering for shifts at booths will not have to pay the 5,000 won admission fee. However, they will be required to wear admission wristbands and will not be given the raffle ticket that automatically come with the regular admission ticket. For volunteer club members, tickets used for taking part in booth activities and for buying food must be purchased separately.

“We received many complaints from high school students last year because they came to the event to [do community service], yet had to pay,” said Yoon Lee (11), junior council president. “Although the free admission for club members will cut the profit significantly, the HPG thought saving the spirit of the event was more important than gaining profit.”

According to Soon Yoon, president of HPG, the purpose of Family Fun Day is to bring the whole SIS community together because there is a lack of such school events, ultimately separating the school community and creating more of a hagwon atmosphere. FFD will provide an opportunity for friends and family to come together and enjoy nice activities as well as receive prizes from games and raffles.

Video editing by Hareem Kim (11)