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Stylebook helps users coordinate different outfits


With busy schedules and different priorities for every student, keeping track of what outfits they’ve worn throughout the week can be extremely difficult. Female students who are busy in the morning try to match their outfit, make-up and accessories only to end up throwing on a pair of jeans and a sweater to their regret. For students who want to dress well without detracting from the limited time that they have, Stylebook, a recently developed fashion app, is the app to have.

Stylebook has recently been gaining attention, not only because of the numerous reviews that it has received from renowned magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan but also because Michelle Phan, YouTube star, recently recommended it in her video “My Tech Favs.” Known to be a make-up demonstrator on YouTube with over seven million subscribers, Phan mentioned mostly make-up or style related apps in her video. Viewers of this video immediately downloaded many of Phan’s recommendations, and many of them left positive comments about Stylebook.

Even though Stylebook is considered rather expensive at $3.99, it proves its worth through the many different tips and functions it has regarding styling. To begin with, Stylebook is a very personalized app. It allows users to upload photos of their own pieces of clothing to match—trying on all outfits the day before an important event can be inconvenient, so Stylebook lets users take photos of their clothes, crop them so that the background is gone and play with different styles for the perfect coordination. This process of mixing and matching outfits saves time and enables users to become more creative with their outfits. In addition, students no longer have to spend hours the night before manually trying different attires and seeing which fit them best.

Once users decide on a certain outfit that they like, they end up repeating their favorite attire over and over again. Stylebook prevents this phenomenon from happening by presenting a calendar that lets users post what they wore on each particular day. By doing so, they will know which apparels have been neglected and which outfits they’ve worn too many times. Users can also provide as information about the size, texture and other special qualities of the outfit so that it is easier for the users themselves to coordinate later on.

For users who have trouble coordinating outfits because they lack ideas, however, Stylebook also has a back-up option. Its “Inspiration” section features styles of celebrities and models to spark users’ possible items and coordination. This function also connects to the “Shopping” function, where users can shop online directly from the app after being inspired by different models and celebrities.

High school is a phase where students learn to find their identity—whether it be through new friend groups, new study habits, or through new styles. Apps like Stylebook remind students about how powerful fashion can be in redefining themselves. Check out Claire and Eva’s column Where Wear for tips on styling and use Stylebook to coordinate!

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