Hollywood Night out for students attending Snowball



Debuting its Facebook page on Nov. 29, the HSSC Snowball committee has been announcing various changes made to the annual winter dance, which will take place in Tiger Gym 2 again this year. Although the tradition was for the dance to take place during mid-December, the committee has moved the date to Jan. 17, the first Saturday after winter break ends. Entitled “Hollywood Night,” this year’s theme will focus on fostering an elegant atmosphere for students who are expected to dress like celebrities.

Compared to last year’s Snowball, dubbed Club Aurora, Hollywood Night will feature formal elements, such as a large “Hollywood” sign at the entrance, white plush sofas for students to socialize and, possibly, round stages, on which students can dance and MCs can announce and give prizes to the winners of the Movie Trailer Contest, a new activity created to foster student involvement and make Snowball resemble an awards ceremony.

The Movie Trailer Contest is a video competition in which students submit short videos of whichever genre they choose featuring student actors and actresses. There are no such limitations upon which genre, casting members, filming members or story line is chosen; students are encouraged to use their creativity. Students will submit their movie trailer to any of the HSSC members. Those movies will be displayed in the gym and will be continuously screened throughout the event so that students can view the different films during Snowball.

Awards such as “Best Director”, “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” will be awarded on the night of the event, and student-voted winners will be offered prizes such as Dr. Dre headphones and movie tickets, while all participants will receive a 25% discount on Snowball tickets, which makes the final admission price 30,000 won.

“There isn’t necessarily a specific genre we are looking for, but if the video is more towards the funny side, it will attract the students much easier. However, that may just be my personal opinion,” Nick Yeo said. “Even though there will be no celebrity guests other than the MC, we are definitely planning to make this event much more interactive and we want the students to be dancing, having fun and making memories.”

Despite the additions of such new interactive elements, Snowball will continue to honor other traditions such as having a food booth on the side and having a time just for those interested in slow dancing. The tickets will be sold at 40,000 won mostly likely starting from Dec. 8. The deadline for the movie will be the first day after winter break and the HSSC members will be posting the videos on their website so that the student body will have a chance to watch and vote.