Where Wear Edition 4: Turtleneck Knits


If there was a nightmare in my elementary years, it was my mom running after me in the house with a turtleneck, begging me to protect my neck from the cold. The fear of turtlenecks was real back then: it seemed as ugly as a knit could get and as itchy as pretty much anything could get. But it’s a different story now. Sweater weather is back once again, but this time around, there are slight variations: high necklines. Turtlenecks are the most practical pieces invented for the wardrobe: one-in-all combination of a scarf and a knit. Apart from its warmth is its sleek look. The long fabric can soften your face and elongate your silhouette. But these only go if you choose the right turtleneck—probably why our elementary choices weren’t so flattering. Go for chunky, oversized fits with loose necks to wear it alone for a chic look. If layering is your strength, give a shot at the tight-fit ones. They will emphasize your slim line and provide a basic foundation upon which you can layer anything: dresses, shirts, jackets or other sweaters. You know this is a trend you have to try if every single outfit featured on Alexander Wang’s F/W14 fashion show had a turtleneck.