HSSC to host Snowball after winter break

The HSSC’s annual winter dance, Snowball, will undergo changes regarding its date. Instead of hosting the event in December, as the HSSC did in previous years, the sophomore council has decided to host it in January.
The dance was moved to January due to chaperone problems. In previous years, because teachers went overseas during winter vacation, they were unable to supervise the dance, which was hosted on the last day of first semester. As a result, some teachers needed to delay their vacations.
“In previous years, we tried, to the best of our ability, to find ways to work things out and avoid [chaperone] problems,” said Sean Syverson, HSSC adviser. “A couple of our teachers were willing to help out, so they delayed their vacation and decided to stay. They were willing to sacrifice their vacation, which I think is pretty honorable.”
Furthermore, along with chaperone issues, the student council decided to change the date of the event and have Snowball mark the beginning of a new semester instead of the end.
“[The date change] not only has to do with chaperone issues but also because we thought it would be better to have the dance at the beginning of a new semester,” said Courtney Caldwell, HSSC adviser. “Instead of having the dance after finals to celebrate an end, we thought it would be better to have a dance to welcome everyone back and start the new year in an amusing and entertaining way.”
Last year, Snowball was hosted in Tiger Gym 2 (TG2) because Tiger Gym 1 (TG1) was unavailable due to mid-term exams. The sophomore council initially planned to host the dance in TG1 this year, but basketball practices made it difficult to execute this initial plan. According to Andrew Ahn (10), sophomore class secretary, this year’s theme will be “A Night at the Oscars”—a formal dance with Oscar nominations and awards.
“Having an Oscar Night theme will be a fun opportunity for students to dress up like celebrities at red carpet openings,” Andrew said. “[The council] decided that by having a more settled dance, we would be able to have a controlled party in a bigger location with space for seating and a proper dance floor.”