HSSC Open Forum effective in facilitating communication

When a new policy is passed by the administration, students often criticize the necessity of such actions, due to lack of awareness of the logic behind such decisions. This common reaction shows that there is an evident lack of communication between the administration and student body, especially on policies regarding school environment and curriculum. Methods of better communication are necessary for students to comprehend the administration’s point of view on school issues and for the administration to be aware of what students think. The newly launched Open Forum, which allows faster student-administration interaction, is a good starting point for this.
The administration reformed the science curriculum by eliminating the Conceptual Integrated Science program, replacing it with a more comprehensive series of courses—“Biology & Ecology” for freshmen and “Chemistry & Physics” for sophomores. Though the administration is logical in making such changes, the decision could have been made after the administration received student opinions on the upcoming policies. It is important to consider the student body, including the experienced upperclassmen and the incoming freshmen, as resources before implementing changes.
Fortunately, there is still hope that active communication will become a regular part of the school community. According to Jarret Lambie, high school principal, the administration always tries to incorporate student views when making such decisions. It seems, though, that the lack of methods to communicate with the student body hindered the administration’s ability to take different perspectives into account.
To reconcile differences between the students and the adults, new methods of communication are imperative, making it possible for the student body and administration to have a mutual understanding. The Open Forum, which allows students to voice their opinions to HSSC members anonymously, is a good place to start fostering such interactions. Such methods of communication will then foster an environment where the two bodies will be more cognizant of each other’s situation.