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IT coordinator welcomes third child

Photo Courtesy of Paul Kang

Crawling into the real world, Lina Kang was born on Jan. 26, the daughter of IT Coordinator Paul Kang. After a smooth Cesarean-section operation, the baby was safely born into the hands of Mr. Kang and his wife. The child is now safe and in a state of recovery in the joriwon, a post pardon care center with her mother.

“This is my third daughter,” Mr. Kang said. “I am excited to enjoy a new journey with this young fellow and hope that she grows up happily. Her name reflects my aspirations, as Lina means bright or brilliant, and so far, she has been living up to that name.”

Even though he hasn’t been able to see her talk or even roll yet, he states that Lina is a happy child that always smiles whatever the circumstances. He says that she has the biggest smiles when cuddling with her parents.

“As of now, Lina seems to be in a very peaceful and calm state,” Mr. Kang said. “Although we cannot be sure of anything at this point, I’m pretty confident that she’ll be a merry child that always has a positive outlook when she grows up.”

With a third child, Mr. Kang stated that being a parent might carry more weight and responsibilities. Although two parents could take care of two kids, he stated, that three children would be harder to take care of due to the fact that each parent would have to be extra careful in anything the kids do.

“Having two daughters needed a lot of attention,” Mr. Kang said. “But now, my wife and I have to pay even more attention, as technically, we have to each take care of 1.5 kids. Despite the challenges that may face us, I am ready to surpass each and every one of them in the future.”

As of now, if all goes well, then Mr. Kang plans to hold the 100-day celebration for Lina on May 6. He hopes to invite his family members as well as his closest friends to this event.

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