Junior council, open meeting raise expectations for Prom


Photo by HSSC

In order to ensure that the students receive the best out of a valuable experience for both juniors and seniors, the junior council has been planning Prom since the beginning of February. It will be held at Patio 9 located in Cheongdam on May 15, the last day of AP exams, and will be themed “moments” to emphasize memories and time stopping still. According to Yoon Lee (11), junior class president, this year’s Prom will be both unique and different because the junior council plans to alter how students perceive Prom.

The junior council hopes to bring surprise, love, joy and connection to attendees. Even though they cannot reveal the specific events that will take place at Prom, since they want to keep the element of surprise, they know that they want to guarantee memories for all.

“It’s strange because Prom has become a glorified version of Snowball, where people have fun, take photos, and go to the after party,” Yoon said. “We want to make Prom a time for remembrance, [like it is traditionally]. Prom is supposed to be one of the first adult events for seniors and a place where we can truly celebrate what this year’s seniors have brought to the school. As for juniors, we want them to be able to reflect on their hard work for this year and relieve their stress from AP exams.”

The junior council presented their plans at the HSSC Open Meeting held on March 18. After showing a video that briefly outlined the plans for Prom, they showed pictures of what Patio 9 currently looks like and how they plan to design it in the future. However, they could not announce the price for Prom tickets yet due to complications regarding the HSSC food sales. This was the first year that the junior council had to deal with an external factor also producing profit, such as the school store, so the prices will alter depending on the different profits.

“Last year, I went to Prom, and I had lots of fun but I was kind of disappointed because it felt like there were no real memories being made,” said Alice Rhim (11), junior council secretary. “This year’s Prom is going to be different because it’s going to be conventional yet new—there is going to be the traditional slow dance, photos, and good food, but the theme is going to be new for most people.”