Trivia Crack understandable for popularity


Bored from doing homework or trying to kill their spare time, many students have resorted to playing Trivia Crack, a game recently popular due to its simple but engaging elements. Even though trivia games are conventionally thought of as “nerdy” activities that many would not want to partake in, Trivia Crack has quickly garnered popularity. Because there are many different categories, the geekiest students are not necessarily at an advantage. The fun, competitive nature and the apt difficulty level of the questions clearly make Trivia Crack outshine similar apps such as Trivial Pursuit.

While the trivia questions are not too challenging, they do not prove to be completely mindless—therefore attracting several generations of users. All of the questions come from one of six categories chosen randomly from an on-screen spinning wheel: entertainment, art, science and history, geography and sports. Some of the questions are relatively easy and almost commonsensical, such as “Who sang ‘If I were a Boy’?” or “What does –ology mean (Biology, cardiology, physiology),?” while others are more challenging—such as, “Where is ‘The Last Supper’ currently located?” Nevertheless, the variety of questions appeals to users.

Trivia Crack has become so dominant in the trivia field of apps that it is often compared to Draw Something for doodling and scribbling and Song Pop for music. The app is particularly effective in capturing many users because of its highly addictive nature. When users complete a category, they are rewarded with a cute little character that appears at the end of a round. The game becomes more appealing because users can only play after the opponent has answered a question incorrectly. When the time gap becomes hours or even days, it is inevitable that users will want to play even more. In addition, players are required to take a turn every two days no matter what in order to maintain their ranking; if a user oversteps the time limit, he or she will forfeit the game.

Of course, the most entertaining aspect is challenging one’s friends. If no one is available, there is a multiplayer mode. However, most users prefer to play against their friends and publicize the results. If the opponent is not online, however, users will eventually run out of “lives” and will have to urge their opponents to play. Trivia Crack is truly clever in its approach regarding the fact that it incorporates social interaction amongst users. Because it uses such strategies, there is no dispute as to why Trivia Crack is so popular.